Pennsylvania may expand medical cannabis qualifying conditions list

It may soon become easier for more patients to purchase medical cannabis in Pennsylvania, a development that could boost dispensary sales.

The state’s Medical Marijuana Advisory Board approved a new process for adding medical ailments to the list of treatable conditions, the Tribune-Review reported.

In coming weeks regulators will start accepting petitions for new conditions to be added.

That, in turn, could lead to ailments such as depression, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and insomnia being added to the list, which already has 21 medical conditions.

The board will discuss and possibly vote on proposed additions at its next meeting on Feb. 1.

The state’s qualifying condition list has been expanded at least once, the Tribune-Review reported, with the addition of terminal illness and opioid addiction.

As of December, roughly 87,000 patients have already registered in Pennsylvania to obtain MMJ, and more than 56,000 have been issued patient certifications.

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3 comments on “Pennsylvania may expand medical cannabis qualifying conditions list
  1. Stephanie Knouse on

    Where do I go to petition the state adding depression and anxiety to the list of qualifying conditions? Also how do I petition that the state add edibles to the forms of medical marijuana?

  2. Tara Strunk on

    How do I go about petitioning for Medical Marijuana for depression, insomnia and anxiety? It is so beneficial for those struggling with these illnesses.

    • Chris L on

      It’s been approved but the PA State Sec of Health is sitting on her hands and not giving a timeline for anxiety approval.

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