Pennsylvania medical marijuana businesses may soon sell flower for vaping

Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis board has recommended allowing the sale of flower for vaping.

All that stands in the way of MMJ flower sales is a go-ahead from the state’s secretary of health, according to

Adding flower to the list of available products should boost the bottom line of Pennsylvania’s cannabis companies.

Flower is one of the most affordable and commonly purchased forms of cannabis.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The board voted 11-0 to allow “dry leaf or plant form for administration by vaporization.” One member abstained.
  • Pennsylania’s MMJ businesses currently can sell only oil, pills, tinctures or concentrates for vaping as well as ointments.
  • As of April 6, more than 25,000 MMJ patients were signed up to purchase medical cannabis, and 914 doctors were registered to recommend medical cannabis.
  • The advisory board is also expected to vote on whether to add terminal illness and palliative care to the list of medical conditions that can be treated with MMJ.

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2 comments on “Pennsylvania medical marijuana businesses may soon sell flower for vaping
  1. Heather Metzger on

    I Am So Glad ,They Have Now Made This Available To People Like Myself Who Need This Type Of Help. Its Been Way Over Due. Now We Can get The Treatment We need.
    Thank You

  2. Donna Hackett on

    Omg A medical Marijuana patient in Penn will be allowed to Vape Flower -How Progressive & Compassionate 🙂 lol( Sarcasm) I Cant Imagine Managing my Health Conditions in such Restrictive Programs !

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