PA medical cannabis shops low on product; state OKs more licenses

Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana dispensary owners are experiencing a common occurrence among new markets: a supply shortage.

Only two weeks after the state launched sales, some dispensaries have run out of product because of limited supply and unexpected demand, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

That news coincides with an announcement that the state has approved two more dispensaries to open their doors.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Because of supply issues, TerraVida Holistic Center is operating on modified hours and the Keystone Shop was forced to close. Both are in the Philadelphia area.
  • Roughly 21,000 people have begun the process to receive their medical marijuana cards, and more than 2,000 have purchased medical marijuana from a dispensary.
  • Only one producer, Cresco Yeltrah, is currently providing MMJ products to six open dispensaries.
  • Other states, including Maryland and Hawaii, have gone through similar supply problems in the early days of sales.
  • In addition to the two dispensaries, Pennsylvania regulators have approved a grower-processor to start operations, bringing the total of approved growers to 12, according to

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One comment on “PA medical cannabis shops low on product; state OKs more licenses
  1. Joe Smith on

    This is what happens when the state gives licenses to growers who aren’t qualified. The Scoring in PA for growers seemed illogical. They should have set a minimum score and allowed anyone who scored above a certain amount to be awarded a license. Too bad the state regulators are lazy and didn’t want to work hard by visiting several facilities and actually managing a good program.

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