New PA Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill in the Works

Pennsylvania might have another shot at legalizing medical marijuana sooner rather than later.

A new bipartisan group of state lawmakers is working on a compromise bill to legalize MMJ after a previous attempt hit a wall in a committee controlled by an anti-cannabis representative and a second measure struggled to gain any real traction.

The new attempt aims to represent a middle ground between the other two measures, according to a local Fox affiliate.

Lawmakers have been meeting on a weekly basis to hammer out a workable bill that will get past both the House of Representatives and the state Senate, and ultimately to Gov. Tom Wolf, who has been a vocal supporter of legalizing MMJ.

But there are several sticking points, the TV station reported, including the number of dispensaries and cultivation sites that would be allowed.

A key lawmaker told the station he hopes to get the bill in front of a legislative committee by September.

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4 comments on “New PA Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill in the Works
  1. Blank Reg on

    PA is always behind the curve on just about everything. They were one of the last states to get rid of the Double-Nickel. And liquor is still sold in state-run stores. We only got “sunday hours” a few years ago. What does anyone expect?

  2. John A Verkitus on

    Thank God!

    I thought we were dead in the water until next year. We need to get all the support behind this bill that we can this time and prove to the lawmakers this is what we want and NEED in PA and All the U.S. States!

    It’s time to get Marijuana Out of the Political Cross Hairs and into the hands of people and consumers who need and want it.

    My hat goes off to EVERYONE who helps with this effort! Prohibition Is Dead!

    The important thing is to NEVER Give Up!

    Together, WE can and WILL get MMJ Legalized in one form or another!

    Johnny V…

  3. Gentle jim on

    Prediction: As the tipping point is reached for cannabis legalization, Big Pharma will quietly consolidate and buy out the industry in the background (hidden holding companies). Then once in position to control MMJ market, AND the politicians, they will push it over the top and will own their former competition.
    Problem solved for them!
    ONLY if we citizens keep the right to grow, and trade cannabis, will we be able to guarantee access to all and keep the price low enough to force out the black market.
    Gentle Jim

  4. tim shafer on

    Pennsylvania is behind the times again but at least it looks like you’re making some progress however any medical marijuana bill that is passed needs to allow individual patients to grow their own plants otherwise the medicines are too expensive for the poor people to afford who are on low incomes because of disabilities or illness.

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