Pennsylvania to Legalize Medical Marijuana

, Pennsylvania to Legalize Medical Marijuana

By Omar Sacirbey

Lawmakers in Pennsylvania have passed a bill to allow the cultivation, sale and use of medical marijuana, making it the 24th state in the nation to legalize MMJ.

The measure cleared the state House this afternoon by a 149-46 vote after previously winning approval from the Senate. The bill now heads to the governor, who said he will approve it.

“I am proud and excited to sign this bill that will provide long overdue medical relief to patients and families who could benefit from this treatment,” Gov. Tom Wolf said in a statement issued shortly after the House vote.

With nearly 13 million people, Pennsylvania is the sixth-biggest state in the country, and many observers expect it will become a sizable medical marijuana market.

Under the bill, the state will award up to 25 grower licenses and 50 dispensary permits. Each company that wins a dispensary license will be able to open as many as three different locations, for a total of 150 storefronts in the state.

Up to five of the 25 grower licenses will also be allowed to open dispensaries, while the number of grower and dispensary licenses could expand in the future.

“Time will show what improvements we need to make in the bill, but this is a big step in the right direction,” said Rep. Mark Cohen, who supported the measure.

The bill started in the state Senate 11 months ago and has bounced around both legislative chambers over the past few weeks.

6 comments on “Pennsylvania to Legalize Medical Marijuana
  1. Donnie Anderson on

    Every state that becomes Medical Marijuana,
    At least 15 percent of it’s license should be issued to Minority’s. Or
    This will become a major problem.

    Chair of the NAACP Cannabis Task Force

  2. yvonneforsman on

    Congrats Pennsylvania! Hopefully your cannabis will be grown organic. Here in FL the politicians decided we sick ppl should not get our health back, only cannabis grown with pesticides is allowed. No, this is not a joke, although I wish it was.

  3. Johnny V on

    Bravo Bravo !! It is certainly about time!! I am Very Happy I Voted for Tom Wolf! He actually Kept his word.

    Now if we can just get a Recreational Law in place to make it Legal for Everyone 21 or older to use as they please in their own home/s or designated smoking locations that would be totally awesome..

    Many people can not afford Medical MJ, Growing our own is the only way for many to be able to have constant access to it..

    Hopefully it won’t take long to get the REC Use Laws in place..

  4. Donna O on

    I wish someone could talk some sense to our lawmakers here in Tennessee! MJ therapy could be SO useful to SO many here and all over our Country! U.S. has come so far yet has so far to go.
    Most people if in a non Medical MJ state have to rely on black market MJ from legal states. Or so I’ve heard, lol!
    Please send info and positive thoughts to us and our lawmakers here in TN. Until then black market or road trips.

  5. brett roper on

    Wow Donnie … are you sure 15% is enough or even too much? Not sure I agree with any specific set asides other than insuring that the best suited applicants secure licenses regardless of their minority or majority status … patient, product, and public safety have to be 1st in any consideration of an award but I like your style and passion.

  6. Cheryl Ann Obrien on

    Why is NJ SO HARD TO GIVE A MEDICAL CARD WHO HAS A FEW Conditions THAT ARE IN NJ’s list of conditions

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