Pennsylvania publishes draft rules for medical marijuana dispensaries

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The Pennsylvania Department of Health on Tuesday published a tentative 25-page version of regulations for medical cannabis dispensaries and plans to release additional proposed rules for growers and processors by Oct. 29.

The draft dispensary rules comes about two months after the state published a set of proposals for industry regulations in August, just a few months after the state’s governor signed a law legalizing MMJ.

Some of the highlights from the dispensary rules, which the agency emphasized have not yet been finalized:
  • A medical practitioner or pharmacist needs to be on hand during all hours dispensaries are open; and if a business has more than one dispensary, a physician assistant or registered nurse can serve at locations in lieu of a pharmacist or physician.
  • Dispensaries cannot be located within 1,000 feet of schools or day care centers.
  • Dispensaries cannot co-locate with cultivation sites, processing facilities or other physicians.
  • MMJ cannot be given away for free or used as part of a coupon or promotional program by dispensaries.
  • Home MMJ delivery by dispensaries is prohibited.
  • MMJ must be sold in sealed and labeled packages.
  • Labels need to include the packaging date, number of doses or servings included in the package, percentages of THC and CBD, and more.
  • Resemblances to trademarked candies or other products is prohibited.
  • Dispensaries need business plans that include video surveillance and other security measures.