Pennsylvania regulators strip cultivator of medical cannabis license

Pennsylvania regulators revoked the permit of one of the state’s medical cannabis cultivators for allegedly violating production and security regulations.

The action against Agrimed Industries comes roughly a month after a surprise state inspection found numerous violations that raised concerns that some plants may have been diverted to the illicit market, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Agrimed, which has 30 days to appeal the state’s decision, reportedly entered into a management service agreement recently with Arizona-based Harvest.

A Harvest spokesperson did not immediately return requests for comment from the Inquirer.

According to the state’s inspection and a cease-and-desist letter issued in early July:

  • Agrimed, which began operating in February 2018, was growing marijuana. However, its processing equipment was not operational, making the company unable to ship MMJ products to dispensaries.
  • The company wasn’t able to produce records establishing what happened to the marijuana it grew. It also couldn’t produce security footage as required because its security cameras were often nonfunctional.

Under the cease-and-desist order, Agrimed was permitted to continue to grow plants to cultivate its strains.

However, the company was prohibited from removing anything from the plants without a department inspector on hand and was not permitted to deactivate its security equipment.

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2 comments on “Pennsylvania regulators strip cultivator of medical cannabis license
  1. Max Ireland on

    So they produced a bunch of cannabis they couldn’t process to sell, now they have none of this cannabis, they also have no records of the cannabis and their cameras “were often nonfunctional – but they’re allowed to keep growing?

    So if this isn’t what diversion looks like, where do they think that cannabis went?

  2. Farce on

    They should definitely lose their license. As should all the violators in CA. In CA we have daily corruption of the track-and-trace and widespread violations of the permits issued to massive grow operations. When they are found in blatant violation the state Cannabis Control Board does little to nothing and allows them to continue their business. If there is zero consequence then there is zero motivation for ANY company to follow the rules!

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