Pennsylvania releases medical cannabis business applications

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Applications are now available for hopeful medical cannabis entrepreneurs in Pennsylvania.

The state’s department of health released the forms Tuesday for companies that would like to apply for permits to grow or dispense MMJ. Applications are due back by March 20.

But any applicants will have to have fairly deep pockets, the Tribune-Review reported.

The cultivation application fee will be $210,000, and applicants will have to have proof of $2 million in capital on hand, though $200,000 will be refunded if an applicant doesn’t win a license. Dispensary applicants will have to pony up $35,000 for the application, $5,000 of which is refundable if a permit is not granted, and they’ll also have to have proof of $150,000 in capital.

That may winnow the field of would-be MMJ businesses, but it was already going to be relatively small.

Pennsylvania is going to allow for only 25 growers/processors and 50 dispensaries, under temporary rules approved last year by regulators. Each dispensary permit, however, will be allowed to operate up to three locations, so the state could wind up with a total of 150 MMJ storefronts.

Applications for testing labs have not yet been released.