Pennsylvania taking applications for medical marijuana research

Pennsylvania’s Department of Health has released application rules for universities and hospitals in the state interested in researching medical marijuana.

The state announced it will issue permits for “clinical registrants,” which are hospitals and medical schools that wish to research cannabis, according to Bala Cynwyd TV station NBC 10.

The research permits are part of Phase 2 of Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program rollout.

Cannabis’ classification as a Schedule 1 drug has prevented much in the way of serious scientific study of the plant and its effects on consumers.

Research into cannabis could help to educate both the public and physicians, which in turn could lead to better opportunities for marijuana companies.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Drexel University, Penn Medicine and the University of the Sciences have expressed interest in adding marijuana research to their programs.
  • In 2016, Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia announced a Center for Medical Cannabis Education & Research to study medical cannabis and educate doctors about recommending MMJ to patients.
  • Also in 2016, the University of Pittsburgh Medical School expressed interest in collaborating with medical marijuana businesses to research MMJ.
  • The Pennsylvania health department told NBC 10 there is no limit to how many research facilities could be permitted under Phase 2.

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8 comments on “Pennsylvania taking applications for medical marijuana research
  1. Marilyn on

    Yes please start research as soon as possible!
    It’s too bad that American Medical Doctors have to have their own studies to believe the outcome. Israel has done so much study and are practically light years ahead our story system. Finally, then they will begin to believe all the good it does for so many…so start that testing Pennsylvania!!!

  2. Janet Palucka on

    I am a 56 year old female & I would like to partake in any kind of mmj research. I’ve got chronic back pain & currently trying to get off of my narcotic pain meds & I know cannabis can make that happen. Also have other issues like depression & anxiety.
    How would I go about becoming a human guinea pig so to speak.
    I’ve already got my mmj card & participating in PA mmj program.

  3. Jalyn rodriguez Rodriguez on

    I am interested in medical marijuana trials for my 16 year old son who has epilepsy and i would like to get him off so many prescriptions. Would like to see if this could work for him.

  4. Tc on

    Please pick me im a strong believer in media marijuana i have anxiety sleep and stomach problem ive had medical marijuana it has plenty of health applications

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