‘Pent-up demand’ for FDA-approved cannabis drug boosts UK maker

Strong patient interest in the only federally approved CBD product in the United States helped drugmaker GW Pharmaceuticals record $72 million in revenue last quarter.

Epidiolex, which is made by London’s GW Pharma (Nasdaq: GWPH), is a seizure control drug approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

It has seen brisk sales and new patient enrollments since the drug’s launch last November.

The company said Epidiolex sales were $68.4 million for the quarter that ended in June.

It also reported Epidiolex has been used by more than 12,000 patients coming from about 2,500 physicians since its launch.

Company executives say Epidiolex is benefiting from “pent-up demand” for a regulated CBD treatment.

For more about where the company thinks pharmaceutical CBD is headed, click here.

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One comment on “‘Pent-up demand’ for FDA-approved cannabis drug boosts UK maker
  1. Anne R. on

    What bull. There are already very good high quality products out there. Drug companies need to stay out of it and figure out how to stop ripping everyone off and destroying our health care system.

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