Poll: Arizonans may nix rec cannabis ballot measure

Arizonans would likely reject a ballot initiative legalizing recreational marijuana if a vote were held now, according to a poll issued by a group opposed to legalization.

The finding suggests that legalization proponents have their work cut out for them in the Grand Canyon State.

The telephone survey of 500 likely voters conducted April 11 through April 14 found that 49% of voters would reject legalization while 43% would vote yes, the Arizona Republic reported. Around 8% of likely voters were undecided. The poll had a margin of error of around 4%.

Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy, which opposes legalization, released the poll. The results are the first polling numbers in about a year on the issue.

Although stakeholders in Arizona’s marijuana industry had hoped to unify behind a single legalization ballot measure in November, it looks like the mainstream establishment will have at least one competitor.

While the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, which is supported by the Marijuana Policy Project, would legalize roughly about 150 rec shops in Arizona, newcomer campaign Arizonans for Mindful Regulation is pushing a measure to allow for upwards of 1,500 storefronts.

The question is whether or not the new grassroots campaign will have enough resources to make the ballot, and if not, if it will then contribute to the opposition.

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7 comments on “Poll: Arizonans may nix rec cannabis ballot measure
  1. Kathy on

    Look at the fast facts for the lobby group that conducted the phone poll. Very interesting that the group is funded primarily by the Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association which is based in Prescott. There is Indian Gaming all over the state and they probably don’t want folks mellowing out at home instead of visiting the casino. Finally, wow, how do you find enough folks with landlines to conduct this poll? Even the over 55 crowd you hope to reach has abandoned their home phone and fondly recall their “hippie” era of life.

  2. Ray on

    It’s funny how all of these polls are done by groups against the legalization. It shows how much education is still needed on this.

  3. Jon on

    The AZ poll is obviously very biased against adult use cannabis. So ignorant, 40% tax revenues in OR go to state public school coffers, the rest goes to police, drug counseling (for those hooked on the real devil – prescription pills), etc. I’m pretty sure AZ will legalize though when advocate groups to legalize lobby for support….

  4. Donna55 on

    Just put it on the ballot in November and let us vote and we will see how wrong these Polls are that perpetuate ignorance.

  5. Jeff Shinkman on

    I for one will vote NO on the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Arizona, sponsored by the Marijuana Policy Project. My reasons are two fold:
    1. The MPP and the AZ Medical Marijuana Dispensary Owners wrote an Initiative that ONLY protects the Medical Marijuana Dispensary Owners financial interests and does NOT protect us, Arizona’s Marijuana Consumers. Sounds like another cartel developing to me.
    2. And more importantly the goal of the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol law would do away with the medical marijuana program, which I depend upon for a chronic pain condition developed from cancer. Where as the Arizonans For Mindful Regulation (AZFMR) marijuana laws leaves the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program intact.
    Folks, I’m just as much in favor of recreational marijuana and the freedom for a person to chose how to live one’s life, but only if it is a good law. The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Arizona, sponsored by the Marijuana Policy Project is not a good law. Read it for yourselves.

    • John Fleischman on

      I believe that changing societal issues and perspectives is to take reasonable steps. People initially opposed to medical cannabis are seeing that their worst fears are NOT being realized….marijuana crazed individuals are not running rampant in the streets and creating wild anarchy. The MPP backed initiative makes perfect sense to me as it creates a significant tax revenue stream. This can be used to better fund our pathetically underfunded school systems, improve roads and provide other benefits to us, the citizens of Arizona. I don’t see anyone griping at the liquor store about the taxes they pay for alcohol. This “all or nothing” AZFMR approach, while actually a better law, is likely to lead to the defeat of EITHER initiative leaving us to languish in the dark ages of cannabis prohibition for at least another year. How many more ridiculous arrests, how many more lives ruined will it take before we stand united and end this madness? Baby steps will get us to where we want be while the “all or nothing” philosophy holds us in the ignorant past. Throughout history science has had to fight ignorance and prejudice to introduce new ideas….they had to take the baby steps to get society at large to slowly accept change, one step at a time.

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