Proposed medical cannabis rules in North Dakota cause a stir

Medical marijuana activists behind a successful MMJ legalization bill in North Dakota last year are threatening to run another ballot measure if state lawmakers stand by proposed regulations that would ban smokable cannabis for most patients.

A bill approved by the state Senate would prohibit smoking MMJ unless “a physician finds no other form of marijuana would help,” the Associated Press reported. That was changed by a House committee, but the bill still would require a medical recommendation in order for patients to legally smoke medical cannabis.

The same committee has made more than 40 amendments to the bill that was approved by the Senate in an attempt to “appease backers of the initiative,” according to the AP. But that may not be enough to satisfy the initiative’s authors.

Prohibitions on smokable MMJ have come into vogue in recent years, with states such as Minnesota, New York and Ohio prohibiting smoking medical cannabis. Florida lawmakers may also adopt such a ban.

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3 comments on “Proposed medical cannabis rules in North Dakota cause a stir
  1. johnhankinson on

    God forbid, some bible-thumping neighbor just happens to smell it coming out of your house. This country needs to grow up!

  2. carl vagg on

    for epilepsy related symptoms such as epilepsy related ‘headaches’
    smoking – thru water for preference – is quickest most effective
    ingestion method..
    many drugs and medications are ingested as quickly as possible,
    such as direct injection etc, whereas for cannabis the most
    direct ingestion is via smoke directly into the lungs thus
    blood stream thus brain.. for serious symptoms the best
    most efficient method of ingestion is by far, most effective..
    by smoking thru water using specific measured amounts
    a known dosage is available, compared to less efficient
    ingestion via digestion, which takes much longer,,
    and has additional variables..
    save concerns about smoking for tobacco..
    if in doubt, speak to or observe epileptic seizures,
    of which even the ‘headaches’ can be debilitating..
    human compassion alone dictates using the best
    most effective and fastest ingestion method..

    known dose smoking [thru water] is the best method,
    generally, and for emergency ingestion especially..
    there is no doubt about this..
    [i am an ex-grand mal epileptic, now fit free for decades
    including specific use of cannabis [smoked] leading to
    an actual cure.. havnt smoked cannabis for years..
    i am now 68 and in excellent health for age..
    god knows where i would be if not for
    this wonderful natural herb and its now known
    neurological effects especially by cbd,s]
    throw away any outdated blinkers
    and act now with compassion..

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