PTSD now treatable with medical marijuana in NY

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation to add post-traumatic stress disorder to the list of conditions that can legally be treated with medical marijuana in the state.

The move opens another sales avenue for MMJ businesses operating in a state that has been stymied by restrictive regulations.

The PTSD bill was part of a package of legislation that Cuomo signed to mark Veterans Day.

The Democratic governor said 19,000 New Yorkers with PTSD could be helped by medical marijuana, including veterans, police officers and survivors of domestic violence, crime and accidents.

New York’s medical marijuana law allows patients with illnesses including cancer, AIDS and Parkinson’s disease to consume nonsmokable forms of cannabis. 

New York’s MMJ program is still extremely limited, but the state earlier this year rolled out a plan to double the number of licensed businesses to 10 and saw an 183% increase in patient enrollment.

– Associated Press

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3 comments on “PTSD now treatable with medical marijuana in NY
  1. Joe Uveges on

    Having been raised in upstate NY (finally fleeing at the age of 27 like many of my younger friends and family) I am less than surprised at the “restrictive regulations” and the less than successful cannabis roll out thus far. We’ve all watched the shenanigans of the NY Democratic political machine in all it’s corrupt glory. It’s just a pleasure to watch it from 1600 miles away.
    When I read that Gov. Cuomo touted that “19,000 PTSD sufferers in the state might be helped by medical cannabis” I almost choked on my milk. 19,000? Try more like 1.9 million. Here in Colorado we are watching miracles happen everyday and PTSD is far more of an issue than people realize. Cannabis has helped me in that regard and many military retirees that I know.
    As NY state continues to hemorrage human beings and try to tax it’s way out of the over taxed hole it has dug, it should consider this. Freedom. It is a simple concept and one that taps into the the miracle that cannabis brings to human beings. So Shrink regulation. Open up competition. Encourage small business. And for God sakes, keep government involvement to a minimum. Of course, these suggestion fly in the face of all that NY politician’s hold dear. Control. Corruption. And egregious taxation.
    BTW. Colorado has 1/20 of the population of NY and we have over 900 state licenses issued. NY now has . . . 10 licenses? For the whole state? The idiocy is hard to even comprehend.

    • Lawrence Goodwin on

      Thanks for so precisely revealing the truth, Joe U.—from someone who chooses to remain imprisoned in upstate New York for the sake of family. NY’s anti-“marihuana” tyranny (the excessive regulations you derided, plus at least $500 million in annual spending on state/local police operations, courts and prison) still reigns supreme, making reality on the ground here far worse than any headline may indicate.

  2. Johnathan Aluitious Hempseed da third on

    Until the V.A. accepts cannabis treatments for psychiatric patients,veterans will have to go outside the agency. This puts them at risk during drug scans or testing positive for THC and losing their benefits.We needs to pass HR 1080 and the Careers act to protect veterans from punitive action from the V.A.

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