Quebec to consult public on recreational cannabis legalization

After consulting experts on the production, distribution and sale of recreational marijuana, Quebec is asking the public to weigh in on a range of issues that will guide Canada’s second-largest province in developing MJ legislation to be offered this fall.

From Aug. 21 to Sept. 12, the public is invited to submit feedback by filing a written document or completing an online questionnaire.

Most of Canada’s provinces and territories are in various stages of public consultations that could have a major impact on the regulatory framework that governs recreational marijuana in the country, which is anticipated to be legalized next summer.

Two of the main themes in Quebec’s public consultation include retail and places of use.

In June, a forum of experts concluded that the province should adopt a nonprofit distribution and sales model, and establish a state-run monopoly to oversee sales under the authority of the Ministry of Health and Services.

Other notable conclusions included:

  • Prices and taxation should be flexible, taking into account accessibility and the black market.
  • The retail of nonmedical cannabis and medical cannabis should be separate.
  • The market should be open to small producers.
  • A mechanism should be developed to monitor the quality and traceability of the Quebec product.

The findings were released in a report on Aug. 10.