Rec MJ ballot measures ahead in three states, but by slim margins

According to three new polls released in cannabis battleground states, recreational marijuana legalization is ahead going into the final days of the 2016 campaign – but not by much.

In Arizona, support for a recreational cannabis legalization measure is at 50%, while about 43% of voters oppose the initiative and 8% haven’t made up their minds, according to an Arizona Republic/Morrison/Cronkite News poll.

In Massachusetts, 49% of voters support a legalization initiative on the ballot, 42% oppose it and 9% are undecided, according to a Suffolk University/Boston Globe poll.

And in Nevada, adult-use cannabis is ahead with 47% support, while 43% of voters are opposed and 10% undecided, according to a poll commissioned by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

What these numbers add up to is a nail-biter of a home stretch for the Marijuana Policy Project, which is behind the campaigns in all three states. MPP will probably be fighting down to the wire to get out the vote and raise money for additional advertising, given that the margins of support are relatively thin.

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3 comments on “Rec MJ ballot measures ahead in three states, but by slim margins
  1. Jeff on

    The TV ads in AZ that use former CO governors as anti-experts are getting more air time than most regular programming at prime time every evening. And they’re statements regarding the lack of revenue generated for schools and the state is misleading and completely outdated.
    Why are the pro-legalization ads so scarce?
    The few ads I’ve seen don’t offer any current information regarding actual tax revenue generated that would offset .

    • Robert Hempaz, Phd Trichometry on

      Rob Kampia of the #MPP was in downtown Scottsdale at the Saguaro Hotel on a sponsor from thecannabisindustry dot org ( NCIA ) this past Wednesday evening. There he laid out the final (13) days of the campaign until election day on Nov 8th. Lo and behold, the Prohibitionists in Az are hitting back very hard. Discount Tires, for example, a mainstay business throughout the Phoenix Metro area donated … this is a “biggie” … $1,000,000 cash to purchase a bunch of “false” television spots. One of the “false” ads that keep showing up in the TV spots and across the Internet is the “Don’t fall on the grenade like Colorado did!” B.S. spouted by Seth Liebsohn and his merry band of Prohibitionists. The fact is, Washington State, another #RecMj jurisdiction out west has seen a total of less than (1) additional driver who tested positive only for Cannabis show up in their auto crashes from year-to-year. But, the Prohibitionists leap at the “60% increase in DUI” statistics to spread fear among the Voters, especially the “Mom” out there on the fence worried about “gummy bears”. Ditto the owner of the maker of Fentanyl, donated $500,000 cash to Prohibitionists one week after word came out it was their “Big Pharma” prescription drug that killed Prince! Sheldon Adelsohn of Las Vegas lost a son early in his life from a Drug Overdose, too. He has also donated $500,000 cash to stop the “Killer Weed”. It’s easy to blame the plant for all sorts of things that happen to people. Plants don’t talk! But, the fact of the matter remains. If Rob Kampia and the #MPP can match the final two (2) weeks of the campaign spending before the Nov 8th election, than “More Likely Than Not” the vote totals will exceed 50% for the new Prop 205 initiative and ALL ARIZONANS will be allowed to grow (6) plants each, twelve (12) for a two-adult household. Plus, the incoming Snowbirds that visit the Valley of The Sun will be allowed to purchase #RecMj at legalized dispensaries. It’s a win-win-win proposition in Arizona. The people get to stash their own Dweeb unfettered by the confines of the Local Police departments, and the State Treasury gets a windfall from the 15% “Pot Tax”. Go find me a better initiative than the one Rob Kampia and the #MPP has created. One that I can vote on before Nov 8th, and I’ll do it! In the interim, Vote “Yes” for Cannabis on Nov 8th. And, let the good time roll!

  2. HMC on

    I would like as many of my countrymen to watch upcoming 60 minutes on CBS Oct. 30, 2016 I believe it will be bias to the negative side of the issue, we’ll see, I hope the time is finally here to put the benefits MJ before the public, I also see these measures as giving all Americans an opportunity to have equality under law, people in Idaho should be treated equal to people in Washington, Colorado, and Oregon , freedom should be a right, to be enjoyed by all people in any state of the union, millions of Americans have already died to give us this, freedom to choose or not, should be by choice of the each and everyone of us, no one should be made to feel like a criminal for doing MJ, lets all hope that these measures pass and that this will set us on the right path to enlightenment.

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