Rec Revenues Soar to $25M in Washington State

Washington State recreational marijuana sales surged in April, almost doubling the amount recorded in January.

Sales via rec shops totaled $24.8 million in April, up from $12.7 million during the first month of 2015, according to the latest data from the state Liquor Control Board.

The number is up significantly from the $2 million brought in during July 2014, the first month that sales began.

From July 1 through the first week of May, total retail sales in Washington State totaled $119.7 million, with projected retail excise tax revenues of $29.9 million.

Gov. Jay Inslee last month signed a bill rolling the state’s troubled medical marijuana industry into its heavily regulated recreational program, though it’s still unclear how that will affect retail sales in coming months.

The new law will effectively do away with MMJ dispensaries that are operating in a gray legal area, and give rec shops the ability to earn a medical endorsement to serve card-holding patients.

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3 comments on “Rec Revenues Soar to $25M in Washington State
  1. Jimmy Childs on

    How long will medical marijuana users and recreational users have to wait for a product that is CERTIFIED ORGANIC?

  2. calicorock on

    Easy answer in Washington as our state legislature just killed our 1998 State medical marijuana law. The idea is to force sick people into their State cartel party stores. I read an article in which a rec. store employee credit’s medical patients contributing to the increase in sales. That’s odd given the medical dispensaries are open until July 2016. No patient I know would ever set foot into a 502 rec. store and like me will move before being forced by the recreational fascist’s to buy anything from one.

  3. JJH on

    the Organic bud is on the way a few growers were doing this until local special interest groups forced them to shut down and of course medical patients are starting to go to the rec shops as they can get a tested product that they can depend on to be of a given potency and to be free of toxins and other pollutants. to you I say check out a I 502 rec store some time just because some one took the time to go legit dose not make them some sort of government lapdog they are simply people trying to make a living and do so legally any MMJ shop that has made the attempt to be legit ie paid taxes and gotten a business license will have the chance to stay open if they can comply with the tighter regulations that go with being a real legitimate business.

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