Recreational marijuana shortage predicted in Massachusetts

Massachusetts isn’t slated to begin recreational marijuana sales until next summer, but industry insiders are already predicting an inventory shortage akin to what happened in Nevada and other states that have launched MJ programs in recent years.

The problem is simple: There won’t be enough supply to satisfy demand, according to

“The first places to open up will sell out in less than a week,” Peter Bernard, the president of the Massachusetts Grower Advocacy Council, told the news outlet.

New adult-use businesses will be allowed to apply for cultivation permits starting in April. Licenses won’t be issued until June, and sales are supposed to begin in July. However, that won’t be enough turnaround time for new companies to contribute to inventory before sales start.

Existing medical marijuana businesses can start selling recreational cannabis immediately in July, according to But so far only 12 MMJ companies are licensed, and that won’t be nearly enough to meet consumer demand, Bernard and others predicted.

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