Regulators prohibit new medical marijuana dispensary licenses in Billings, Montana

The Montana state health department said it won’t allow new medical marijuana dispensary licenses in Billings, the state’s largest city.

The Billings Gazette reported the health agency is deferring to the city’s ordinance that requires licensed Billings businesses to follow federal law – a provision that would bar MMJ dispensaries from being permitted.

A state inspector said new or existing businesses seeking approval or renewal must either be located outside Billings or have a valid permit from the city.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Two existing medical marijuana dispensaries in Billings – Montana Organic Medical Supply and Montana Advanced Caregivers – have taken legal action against the city to remain open, but their lawsuits are pending.
  • The two MMJ businesses with pending lawsuits would likely have to be grandfathered in to be allowed to conduct business in the city.
  • MMJ patients who live in Billings are still allowed to possess and consume medical cannabis.

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2 comments on “Regulators prohibit new medical marijuana dispensary licenses in Billings, Montana
  1. JtAlmond on

    I was part of the decrim activists back in my university days. An organization called National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, we wanted the government out of our smoking lives, to avoid a lasting criminal record, and for judicial economy saving the state money otherwise spent prosecuting marijuana users.
    Today’s generation wants state oversight and regulation in their marijuana consumption which they are more than willing to pay for through fees and taxes.
    The individual dispensary must grow their own stock. Only so much pot can be grown in one spot. These guys fast grow and harvest much too soon. Drying and curing take weeks so these dispensaries do both on the sales shelf. The wave of the future is for medical pot to be more of an alternative medicine than something to get high off of. I’m already seeing people smoke large amounts trying to get high lol. It’s like guzzling O’Douls trying to get drunk. CBD pot is code for weak pot. There is a glut of pot in the western United States. I just wanted the card that shows I’m legal regardless of where I get my weed.

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