Industry group suggests standards for marijuana packaging, labeling

The National Association of Cannabis Businesses, a self-regulatory organization, is proposing marijuana industry standards for packaging and labeling.

The announcement comes in the wake of U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision earlier this month to tear up key protections for the recreational cannabis industry.

According to a news release, the standards are designed to “help NACB members protect consumers and demonstrate to regulators, financial institutions and the public that NACB members operate at the highest levels of ethics and responsibility.”

The proposed standards include:

  • Labeling that indicates the marijuana product’s origin, cultivator and processor.
  • Methods for listing all ingredients present in the product.
  • Warning statements about the health risks associated with cannabis consumption.
  • Inclusion of major food allergen warnings and information about marijuana edibles based on U.S. Food & Drug Administration specifications.
  • Addressing health and medical claims for cannabis products.
  • Child-resistant packaging.
  • Avoiding packaging and labeling that appeal to minors.

The standards are available for public review and comment on the NACB website until Feb. 21.

Compliance with NACB standards is required of the organization’s members.

NACB – a division of First American Holdings, a technology and business services company – is a for-profit company.

The organization is led by Andrew Kline, a former assistant U.S. Attorney and senior adviser to former Vice President Joseph Biden when he was a senator.

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8 comments on “Industry group suggests standards for marijuana packaging, labeling
  1. DaveC on

    “Warning statements about the health risks associated with cannabis consumption”

    Well since there are none, they can skip this one.

  2. Brett Von Bergen on

    These are fine and dandy, but as soon as the ASTM and other accredited organizations along with regulatory bodies put forth their standards these will all fall to the wayside. Be wary of implementing these types before the actual hammer comes down.

    • E Gordon on

      Hello… we live these guidelines every single day in CO as an edible company so, get used to it if you want to stay in the game. It’s only just the beginning of regulations for CA we’ve been living them for nine years.


  3. Kami Castro on

    The packaging requirements that are being called out by NACB are outrageous. Each packaging piece will be required to have CFR certification!! Most of the current packaging being used by cultivators, growers and distributors comes from overseas and they DO NOT test in the U.S. The same packaging is being used by Big Pharma. To have each piece from pop-tops to drams with child resistant lids etc. would cost millions of dollars to obtain CFR certification in the states. It’s simply not feasible.

    • Steven Levine on

      Watch it happen.

      There are three kinds of people in the world:
      1 Makes it happen
      2 Watches it happen
      3 Wonders, what the hell just happened.

      Standards are coming.

    • Chris Helm on

      I agree. There is no standardized test for child resistant packaging testing. It is up to the individual testing lab to conduct the test. I have seen 2.85mil thick film pass for a tobacco company but 4mil thick film of the same type fail for a cannabis company. I have seen bags from China that I know that the CR certificate is false.

      • john m zimmerman on

        Thanks Chris, there is no doubt that a extreme ability to show bias and create a general distrust for all testing is ‘likely’ to happen, especially when the specific ‘state’ agency overseeing the standards and related testing is done by one/many who still obtusely believe marijuana belongs in schedule one with heroin and other extremely addictive and harmful drugs considered to have no medical value. This insane categorizing is a complete contradiction to the law regarding “medical marijuana” which amazingly Jeff Sessions refuses to even acknowledge the verifiably and scientifically proven FACTS concerning the world wide decades long research and studies concerning the health benefits of marijuana proven in thousands of verifiable, peer reviewed and repeatedly duplicated studies done in numerous countries by leading respected scientists, doctors, universities and government health agencies whose integrity and qualifications are above reproach. I only hope the few fools in charge of various departments and agencies of our, and other governments do not openly or otherwise attempt to force their uninformed and categorically false beliefs and opinions on others in a determined attempt to delay and/or deny the will of the people, and the need of the ill, from their lawful right of access to this miracle medicine and and legal form of enjoyment and social intoxicant. A truly sad aspect of those against the legalization of marijuana, toward any eventuality, be it medicinal or recreational is the absurdity that some men and women who may be against it partake in the use, and often abuse of alcohol, benzodiazipenes, and other substances, such substances and especially alcohol kill and harm hundreds of people everyday, cause untold auto accidents costing millions of dollars yearly and substantially raising insurance and hospitalization and treatment costs. Alcohol in and of itself causes more deaths yearly than ALL other drugs combined by the governments own records, but those against it proclaim loudly about the dangers of the use and legalization of marijuana with a drink in one hand and their other hand at times waving a bible to subsantiate their position against it, or on the known or unknown lady/mans buttocks beside them. I myself do ot drink alcohol, but am intelligently, informed, educated and have a long history of personal knowledge concerning the use of marijuana and its absolutely not being even close to alcohol in the possibility of negative behavior while ‘under the influence’ of this substance. In the states where marijuana has been legalized the crime rates have fallen and alcohol abuse has also decreased, along with the resultive effect of the decrease in state prison costs because of fewer prosecutions and inprisonments, HAVE A NICE DAY, HAVE A MARIJUANA DECRIMINALIZATION PARTY IN YOUR TOWN AND STATE ! SPEAK UP LOUD AND PROUD THAT KNOWLEDGE, NOT UNFOUNDED FEAR RULES YOUR POSITION ON LEGALIZATION, CELEBRATE OUR FREEDOMS AND GAURD AGAINST THE LEAST CHALLENGE TO ANY OF THEM !

  4. Jason Alden on

    Many packaging companies have come to provide marijuana packaging to the customers, Marijuana boxes are mostly customized in cardboard stock with color printing and logo printing as per to the demand.

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