Reluctance to Prescribe Contributing to Small IL MMJ Patient Pool?

The small but slowly growing patient base in Illinois’ medical marijuana program has some businesses concerned, and apparently reluctance on the part of physicians to prescribe MMJ may be partly to blame for the situation.

Despite possibly tens of thousands of potential MMJ patients, a CBS affiliate in Chicago is reporting that hundreds have tried to get recommendations from their doctors for cannabis, only to be turned away.

One example: Out of 1,300 patients seen by Good Intentions, an Illinois MMJ patient consulting services company, roughly 900 have doctors who flat-out refused to write recommendations for medical cannabis.

One prospective patient told CBS that his doctor replied that “it wasn’t even possible.”

Thus far, despite expectations from within the industry that upwards of 100,000 patients would sign up for the program, there has been very low registration with only about 1,600 approved patients, out of 2,500 that have applied. One cultivator even relinquished a hard-won license, citing concerns about the viability of the market given the sign-up rates.

William McDade, president of the Illinois State Medical Society, told CBS that problem could be multi-faceted.

Some doctors, he suggested, may be worried about patients abusing cannabis. Others may just be ignorant of its value to those with particular ailments, such as multiple sclerosis. Or, he said, maybe the doctors just prefer going with more traditional treatments.

Growth in patient counts has accelerated substantially in March, however, with reason to hope the trend could be turning.

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5 comments on “Reluctance to Prescribe Contributing to Small IL MMJ Patient Pool?
  1. Cerrone on

    The reason the patient pool is so short is because the lack of an entire target population. The majority of ailments on the list to be covered are prevalent in minority communities. These communities will not only miss out on the health benefits of this plant but also the economic empowerment this industry could bring to struggling Chicago neighborhoods. We need to bring awareness to all to important issue of the lack of diversity in this industry.

  2. paul on

    Illinois is to restrictive!
    Doctors have much to loose.
    Why take the risk.
    Illinois MMJ is going to fail big time.
    My doc won’t touch it.

  3. m.m on

    Yep,my doctor office wont prescribe marijuana for any of thete patiants,crusaders clinic,I got a qualifing condition,bit no doctor to sighn off on it,an staye rules is its got to be your treating doctor,well what am I too do

  4. phil on

    Hell I’m a veteran with a qualified condition so I don’t need a doctors signature but the VA hasn’t treated me for my condition in over 3 years and won’t treat me for it now . The law says I have to provide medical records for the past 12 months showing my treatments for my condition . So I’m screwed . The funny thing is the VA stopped my treatment when I tested positive for weed . The VA told me to choose between the pot and the pain pills , so I told my doctor I will take the one that helps me the most and haven’t asked her for any opioid in over 2 years . Marijuana not only helped with my pain , it also allows me to sleep better than the pain pills did .

  5. David Robbins on

    Just Google my name and the word cannabis. David Robbins cannabis. You have the right to cure yourself. If you need help getting this plant please email me for help. Stand up for what is right, the government has no right to stop you from treating yourself. I am still fighting this case for all our rights.

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