Rep. Rohrabacher optimistic on future of cannabis under Trump

California Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is one of the marijuana industry’s staunchest allies in the U.S. House of Representatives, and while many in the cannabis trade may be fretting about the future, Rohrabacher predicted that the incoming administration of President-elect Donald Trump will leave industry oversight to the states.

That extends to Trump’s pick of Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general, who is on the record as a cannabis opponent.

“This president has made clear that he believes in a states’ rights approach to marijuana,” Rohrabacher said Friday in a phone interview with Marijuana Business Daily. “And if the president is in favor of a states’ rights approach to marijuana, I am certain that Jeff Sessions, being a man of high integrity, will not be undermining his president’s position and (will) be enforcing what Trump wants rather than what Sessions has done in the past.”

Sessions is a constitutionalist, Rohrabacher said, and as such, Sessions’ approach to running the U.S. Department of Justice likely will be to leave local law enforcement to the states instead of, for example, using the Drug Enforcement Administration to target state-licensed cannabis businesses.

Rohrabacher said it’s possible he may be leaving the House, because he’s in the running to be appointed secretary of state by Trump. But even if Rohrabacher leaves, he’ll make sure the cannabis industry still has allies in Congress.

“If I leave, I’ll be leaving several of my Republican colleagues the responsibility of following through on what we started,” he said.”Thomas Massie of Kentucky will probably be the guy leading the show if I’m gone.”

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19 comments on “Rep. Rohrabacher optimistic on future of cannabis under Trump
  1. WePuffs on

    Again…when have these fools been right since before they race baited ignorant America into voting for this fool.

    Same ones that voted Bush/Cheney 2X no doubt.

    Sorry but color me a bit skeptical.

    • Ingrid on

      Amen WePuffs! What a HOT MESS. Anyone who cares about this industry and voted for Trump needs to switch strains…or stop using crack.


      • Holy Smokes! on

        Ingrid, I am for states going legal marijuana. However, I would rather it be illegal to grow cannabis than to see women use abortion as a form of birth control. At the very least, Trump is the “better” choice (using it losely), to protect the unborn. #Life is more sacred than pleasure.

  2. Adam Koh on

    Calling Sessions “a man of high integrity” is a complete joke. The man is a despicable racist who was ok with the Ku Klux Klan until he “found out they smoked pot.” He was too racist to be confirmed as a federal judge in 1986, but will likely be ok’d by the Republican-controlled Congress to be AG in 2016 – that to me is called regression. The republicans lining up to kiss the jackboots of this neo-nazi administration are spineless scum. There are a lot more important things than cannabis in this world, basic human rights for all people being one of them.

  3. Gerry Bedore Ph.D. on

    Four points, the first is that the war on drugs has not worked and cannot work on many levels. If indeed the Trump administration is about getting rid of waste in govt, redlining the DEA would be a good start. Rescheduling cannabis and getting it out of the federal govt domain makes sense. Second point, the science exists to support the medical efficacy of cannabis for many health challenges. We need more medical professionals coming onboard to better drill down into cannabinoid ratios and dosing in relation to different disease states and variables. There is great healing in cannabis. The third point, getting people out of our prison systems that should have never been there in first place would put billions of dollars back into play for education, treatment, and support of people who are struggling with other additions and needs. It is hard to make a case that prisons help anyone in any situation although the evidence would suggest some violent offenders need structured and controlled supervision and should not be placed back into the general population as they are. The first move needs to be to remove the “for-profit” prison system that is currently in play. Too much incentive to keep people locked up. No love in this, just broken lives at a huge cost to everyone. Forth point, Jobs!!!! Cannabis and Hemp are amazing plants that can serve many purposes in a clean and eco friendly way and will create hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions in revenues. Because a low information people are stigmatized does not mean the world should bow down to those peoples thinking. All of us need to fight this war as it is in the best interests of a global community. If America is going to be Great Again, we need to address the current fundamental flaws in the thinking of uninformed people. Share what you know, education is the ticket (I am a fan of Max Simon, Rudy Roma, and others). If people hear something enough times they will believe it. In some cases people will have to fake until they make it. The reality is cannabis belongs to the people, not our government. It is a magnificent gift from God. Be well!

  4. Cactus Bill on

    My initial thoughts concerning the ramifications of a Trump administration’s policy regarding MJ and MMJ were hopeful, primarily because of his obvious love for income from as many sources as can be developed.
    Ten days later, his picks (so far) for Cabinet and major federal agencies are sending a shiver of dread through my associates in The Biz. So much so that expansion plans have been frozen for the time being.
    Maybe that’s what “they” want. No matter the subterfuge – it seems obvious that prudent folks involved with legal MJ may want to draw inward until the uncertainty shakes out.

  5. Paul Sorensen on

    I am hopeful that state rights, (see the constitution) will prevail. And Trump will appreciate the enormous tax revenues derived from pot sales. The last election made it clear how the country feels about the future of cannabis legalization.
    But MY crystal ball is hazy, so we’ll have to wait and see.

  6. Cactus Bill on

    As Gerry Bedore stated above, there are far too many under-educated (daresay, uneducated) American citizens.
    If it’s true that the USA is “exceptional” among the worlds population, then we are going to have to raise our collective education level to at least that of European countries. That’s going to take decades even if started tomorrow.
    Meanwhile, the unfortunate and unacceptable level of social ignorance exhibited by our fellow citizenry will continue to thwart necessary strides forward – including the de-criminalization of Cannabis.
    It’s going to be a long, hard slog.

    • Cactus Bill on

      To Seth:
      We are attempting to have an intelligent discourse regarding the advent of a personality cult that appears threatening to our business plans.
      Resistance to vested interest is as American as apple pie.
      Your side played that game for eight years. Regarding your comment, why then didn’t YOU leave?

  7. John V...... on

    You know this is Amazing !! LOL

    HOW the HELL can Jeff Sessions come to ANY conclusion on the Pros or Cons of Pot Smoking ?? He never used it!!

    ANYONE who has NOT used marijuana, should have NO Voice as to it being good OR Bad..

    If “Jeff Sessions” never smoked it, how can he say its Bad or Judge others on their use of it ???

    What is he basing this “opinion” on anyway ??

    I’ll tell you what is happening, He is going off someones pipe dream or some out dated BS information..

    You can NOT possibly know anything about POT until you smoke it or use it in one form or another!!!

    Alcohol should be Illegal !! But it is legal!! How the hell is that possible >?? It kills hundreds of people EVERY SINGLE DAY in one form or another.. But that is OK right >> ??

    In the time it took me to type this, MANY people have died by Direct Use of Drinking.. Yet I turn on the TV and every five minutes there is a commercial that has some new Beer, Wine, Whiskey or other Alcohol containing drink being advertised..

    I love these people who claim to be experts on pot or think they KNOW what other people need or want, when they have NO Personal Experience with it themselves in Person!

    Hey, Mr Sessions!! You need to keep your nose in politics or whatever you claim to be a professional at, which is NOT a POT Expert.. You Obviously now NOTHING about it, so you need to leave things alone.. If you did by some wild chance use it in the past you would KNOW it is NOT the BAD DRUG you make it to be!!


    Therefore you have NO Credentials OR the Right to tell other people who do use it how it works and what it can or can not do or cure~!! Are you a Doctor >? I think NOT..

    You are a Politician you deal with politics, you need to Stick with what you where voted into office to do..

    If you are going to be Attorney General, you need to work on Laws and Criminals that deal in REAL DRUGS ! Like Heroin, Cocaine, ICE, METH, Crack, Etc, etc, NOT Pot..

    If you are Smart you will leave it to the people and Doctors to decide what should be legal by Voting and Medical Research and not interfere with laws in place or coming into place with regards to marijuana usage or laws..

    I personally do not drink alcohol, or smoke pot right now. But, I DO have experience with BOTH.. I would like to be able to smoke sometime again in the future in my home and be able to relax without fear of being arrested..

    As for drinking alcohol,, Keep that crap.. Hangover, headaches, liver disease, and addiction are things I don’t need in my life..

    I know this may be off the subject slightly, but I hope if the editor moves it, it’s at least re-posted where others can read it..

    John V……

    Thanks for reading..

    God Bless America !!!

  8. August on

    I look forward to an expanding market for the mineral product I produce for weed… My Weed Minerals. I know Rohrabacher. I surf with him and I trust his assessment. Really good guy and straight shooter.

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