Report: 148 MMJ Dispensaries in Detroit

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A comprehensive new report estimates that 148 medical cannabis dispensaries exist in Detroit, finally putting a number to what was previously just guesswork.

The report – spearheaded by Loveland Technologies, which provides property-related data – comes at a time when city leaders are considering regulating the industry for the first time.

Loveland cautioned that its estimate is probably low because of the rapid rate at which dispensaries are opening.

The report found that 64% of MMJ storefronts are located within 1.14 miles of Detroit suburbs, and at least 59 are located within 1,000 feet of a school.

And the businesses are diverse.

“Dispensaries range from heavily advertised, with neon signs and advertisements, to low-profile offices with no outward indication of what is being sold there,” the report reads. “Bank buildings, restaurants, storefronts, strip clubs, gas stations and residential houses have all been converted into dispensaries.”

The report goes on to say that medical marijuana retail in Detroit “is clearly a growth business.”

Loveland said it used online resources and canvassed 400 miles along major commercial corridors in Detroit to identify medical marijuana dispensaries.