CO Report on Impact of Marijuana Use Could Hurt MJ Industry

A 188-page report issued in Colorado that highlights the negative health effects of marijuana use could give anti-cannabis groups fodder to oppose legalization and the MJ industry itself.

The report – spearheaded by a panel of doctors under a directive from state lawmakers – says that marijuana impairs memory, may increase psychotic disorders in children and increases the risk of motor vehicle crashes. It also found that marijuana legalization in Colorado has led to increased hospital and emergency room visits tied to cannabis, according to Time.

The report analyzed existing research on marijuana use but does not include any new information.

Almost all published research to date is focused on the negative impacts of marijuana, so the report does not include information about the possible health benefits. The study cautions that the overall lack of research introduces a “bias” into marijuana studies in general.

The report also says there is little information on edibles or concentrated marijuana.

With so little data available, the study suggested further education and surveys about marijuana use. Colorado has commissioned eight studies on the health benefits of cannabis to the tune of $8 million, but results may not come for several years, according to the Associated Press.

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9 comments on “CO Report on Impact of Marijuana Use Could Hurt MJ Industry
  1. JonesLFC on

    May increase psychotic disorders in children?
    There’s a reason the age restrictions are in place, much the same for other age restricted substances. If you have allowed your kid to get hold of yours then surely the consequence is the same as alcohol?

  2. winston on

    These same claims have been asserted against alcohol for years. Drinking and driving, drinking during pregnancy, adolescent drinking. It’s still the same posturing. Both substances have been studied to infinity…
    There will NEVER be a consensus. You’re either for or against.
    But the scales have been tipped in favor of state’s rights.

  3. Clifton Middleton on

    Bogus lies to cover up the real drug pushers of pharmaceuticals for children like adderal with 8000 serious adverse events per year. If they catch a kid with pot they give him counseling, a fine and a life time addiction to adderal.

  4. Torrey Baird on

    “also found preliminary evidence to suggest that legalization in the state had resulted in increased hospitalizations, emergency room visits and poison center calls possibly related to marijuana. Please note the qualifiers: preliminary,suggest,possibly

  5. Paul on

    The industry is going to have to deal with negative reports because their are probably going to be s number of them. Recreational pot is not for everyone, nor is alcohol. That was acknowledged as the outset of the CO initiative. Some aspects are similar, others are not. But if the industry is to grow, dealing with negative reporting will be required.

  6. Paul on

    Excellent point, dealing with negative positions will be necessary evil for the cannabis industry. But as I read this, I was frustrated by the level of bias. It’s unfortunate that a State sponsored “report” included so much hyperbole. Stating obvious and already known and accounted for conditions (limit kid’s access; don’t drive after consuming cannabis) does nothing for either side of the discussion. Next they’ll be comparing the sales at Taco Bell in Colorado versus other states and based on your opinion, that can be positioned as a good or bad thing.

  7. Jimmy Limo on

    Sure cannabis NEARLY doubles risk of a car crash, but being DRUNK (0.08%) increases the risk 12 to 13 TIMES ! And when you blow 0.10%, that risk can rise to FORTY TIMES in certain age groups ! The study SHOULD have focused on the RELATIVE harm, when compared with alcohol or pharmaceuticals… Oh, but WAIT ! Doctors make BIG $$$ getting people addicted to opioid based pain meds !

  8. Doc Deadhead on

    If the folks that did the study automatically ‘assume’ that every pot user forces their pot on children then we must ‘assume’ that any of them that ever consume alcohol MUST BE forcing their little children to drink cocktails with them every night, right?

    Such jerks, giving their babies alcohol like that, what kind of parents are these monsters? Surely they should have their children stripped from that horrible household.

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