Report: PA medical cannabis rollout marred by ‘errors and irregularities’

A new investigative report published Friday concluded that Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana industry rollout was beset with problems to the point that it could provide legal ammunition for license applicants who did not receive approval but still want to get into the industry. reported there were “significant errors and irregularities” in the application scoring process, in the words of one appeals officer, particularly by Pennsylvania officials who used their own rubrics to score business license applications instead of relying on the metrics provided by the state to evaluate hopeful MMJ licensees.

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One comment on “Report: PA medical cannabis rollout marred by ‘errors and irregularities’
  1. NoNameNob on

    If Pa Law makers actually wanted this to be a free market and not a monopoly , then they would of made it free to grow with no charge for permits. Legalization is BS. Just government controlled and follows prohibition to the T. Marijuana will NEVER be truly legal. Just like alcohol!! It IS still in prohibition ! If It were NOT than your mother could distill it and sell it at the flea market and not get raided by the DEA! Anything the law makers and governments touch gets messed up and of course its all to keep the money flowing to them or ELSE your a bad guy!! LOL

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