Report: Rec marijuana consumers use less alcohol, pain medications, sleep aids

A new market research report has confirmed that marijuana consumers in states that have legalized recreational cannabis use less alcohol, over-the-counter pain medications and sleep aids.

The findings suggest that the cannabis market may be larger than many grasp. If some consumers are replacing alcohol or pain medications with marijuana, that indicates there may be millions more potential customers that cannabis companies have yet to reach.

The report, compiled by Chicago-based High Yield Insights, found that more than a fifth of rec MJ consumers use less beer, spirits, painkillers and sedatives than standard consumers.

More precisely, legal recreational cannabis consumers use 27% less over-the-counter pain medications, 22% less sleep aids, 21% less alcoholic spirits and 20% less beer than consumers in states that have not legalized adult-use marijuana.

“We are just starting to grasp how legalization has impacted consumer behavior, be it spending, usage occasions or shopping habits,” Mike Luce, co-founder of High Yield Insights, said in a news release.

“Understanding these changes will lead to new growth opportunities for cannabis and further disruption for other categories.”

According to Luce, the report “uncovered promising consumer niches for the industry as well.

“For example, many older consumers (55+) are re-engaging with marijuana, with 56% reporting a return to marijuana after having tried cannabis products at a younger age.”

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8 comments on “Report: Rec marijuana consumers use less alcohol, pain medications, sleep aids
  1. Scott on

    Any doubt as to why it’s listed as a schedule one drug it’s a threat to big pharma & alcohol can’t have the populist growing their own medicine.

  2. Gary on

    There’s still too many (R’s) saying things like “marijuana is a very dangerous drug” or that it’s a “gateway drug” or that “its been a disaster for Colorado with drugged driving.” Yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah. This November these people MUST BE voted out. We’re a “flipped House” away from legalization.

    • Lawrence Goodwin on

      The most powerful D’s have been just as supportive of the anti-“marihuana” tyranny as the R’s, Gary. That’s precisely why this nightmare continues. For solid proof look at the arrogant interference with New York’s medical cannabis trade and the overall foot-dragging by Gov Andrew Cuomo. This D alone is smothering new opportunities in my home state’s cannabis industry (along w/ a bunch of total idiot Rs in the state Senate).

      • Betsy on

        Yes they are maybe things will turn around about the time they start campaigning for president. USA is going to lose out on millions or billions of tax money. Not to mention the undeniable benefit from marijuana Betsy

      • Allison on

        Look again, Mr. Goodwin. Cuomo’s come around and has greatly expanded the medical criteria in NYS and is (finally) on the Rec bandwagon.

  3. Allison on

    Also, D’s like everything else progressive and humane are far ahead of the spineless Republicant’s on Cannabis issues.

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