Rob Kampia no longer affiliated with Marijuana Policy Project

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(This story has been updated from an earlier version.)

The founder of Marijuana Policy Project, Rob Kampia, has parted ways with the pro-legalization group.

“I can confirm that Rob has separated from MPP and is no longer on the board,” MPP spokesman Morgan Fox wrote in an email.

Marijuana Moment first reported the news. The website said Kampia departed from the MPP board over the weekend and was no longer employed by the advocacy organization he co-founded in 1995.

The exit comes soon after past allegations of sexual misconduct involving Kampia resurfaced in Washington DC’s City Paper – although Kampia denies such charges came up with MPP board members in the latest turn of events.

Kampia told Marijuana Moment he is launching a for-profit consulting business, Marijuana Leadership Campaign (MLC).

The firm “will focus almost exclusively on changing U.S. laws,” Kampia said, adding that he had lined up $500,000 in seed money from donors and investors.

His latest move comes after Kampia said last month he was bowing out as MPP’s executive director. Instead, he would become director of strategic development and continue to serve on the boards of directors for both MPP and the MPP Foundation.

Kampia’s exit comes amid heightened attention surrounding sexual misconduct and abuse, with several notable personalities in politics, the media and entertainment losing their jobs.

According to Marijuana Moment, Kampia’s departure comes as a major newspaper is preparing an article about previously unreported allegations targeting Kampia.

A memo Kampia gave the website “appears to lay out the case that Kampia’s departure from MPP has nothing to do with any old or new allegations of sexual misconduct,” Marijuana Moment reported.

Kampia said the topic didn’t come up with MPP board members.

“We didn’t even talk about the s-word at all,” Kampia told Marijuana Moment, referring to sex.