Retail pop-ups can help cannabis suppliers alert consumers to brands and products

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cannabis pop-ups, Retail pop-ups can help cannabis suppliers alert consumers to brands and products

Canna Demos staffs a pop-up for Shift. (Photo courtesy of Canna Demos)

(This is an abridged version of a story that appears in the February issue of Marijuana Business Magazine.)

As marijuana companies seek more and different ways to make their products stand out on store shelves, they’re starting to turn to pop-up displays and events inside retail locations.

Setting up a temporary sales outlet – known as a pop-up – inside a cannabis store allows cannabis producers, vape makers, edibles manufacturers and other marijuana product suppliers to have direct contact with consumers.

Pop-ups also can assist companies in presenting new items and serving up in-store specials.

“When done correctly, (pop-ups) can create brand loyalty and build trust,” Jessica Kaiser, whose Colorado-based Canna Demos has staged 2,000-plus product demonstrations for multiple marijuana brands, told Marijuana Business Magazine.

“Having a brand provide a value directly to potential and current customers in the form of education, a discount or even a good conversation can open up lines of communication.”

That type of personal contact can help build a “lifelong brand loyalty,” she added.

Kaiser and other industry stakeholders spoke with Marijuana Business Magazine about some key steps in creating a successful pop-up, including:

Meanwhile, a California company is taking the pop-up idea a bit further, with plans to offer an “environment where there was a permanent brand ambassador and (retailers) could showcase everything they make.” More info about this concept is available here.