Rhode Island dispensary owner fears Massachusetts’ recreational cannabis

At least one of Rhode Island’s three medical cannabis dispensary chiefs is afraid the launch of the Massachusetts recreational market will be the death of his business.

Seth Bock – the CEO of Greenleaf Compassionate Care Center in Portsmouth – told a Rhode Island legislative committee that unless officials make changes to the MMJ program, he believes many of the roughly 19,000 registered patients will opt to shop across state lines instead of renewing their medical cards.

Bock told the panel that many Rhode Island MMJ patients may take the attitude of “saying you know what, I don’t want my name on a list,” the Providence Journal reported.

Bock said he’s worried his dispensary may be out of business within the next two years if that’s what happens.

He suggested the legislature change the state law that requires MMJ patients to renew their registration every three years instead of annually as an incentive to continue shopping in-state.

However, Rhode Island’s MMJ czar told the panel last week he’s not worried about patients choosing Massachusetts rec over local dispensaries, “in part because medical dispensaries offer some forms of the drug that aren’t used recreationally,” the Journal reported.

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One comment on “Rhode Island dispensary owner fears Massachusetts’ recreational cannabis
  1. Mike on

    Yes there will be some disruption an adjusting of sales, even to med patients. Hopefully the price for medical will be reduced for patients. Otherwise capitalism will drive folks across the border. Here in Oregon before rec market opened the largest rec volume came from Vancouver WA, right across the border from Oregon. Yes they will go across the border, if they have a reason, don’t give them a reason. Yes on the bad side you could lose the med business from rec competition. Yes you could lose it all, welcome to the govt controlled cannabis, its a nightmare for current med dispensaries and patients. The govt wants its tax revenue from cannabis. Here in Oregon it was a great start, med people helped start the industry. Then on Jan 1 they changed the law setting speecific exclusions against med people. The govt does not want med cannabis, it does not have the tax revenue that rec sales do. Yes we got screwed as med folks here in Oregon. Yes it will happen there too, good luck.

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