Rhode Island governor wins battle over medical cannabis rules

Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo signed into law a bill repealing lawmakers’ ability to veto medical marijuana and hemp regulations.

The Democratic governor also said she is ending her lawsuit against the General Assembly over the issue, the Providence Journal reported.

She had maintained the Legislature’s control over marijuana and hemp industry rules in the state was unconstitutional.

The issue revolved around the licensing of six new medical marijuana dispensaries and whether the new stores would be allowed to grow their own product.

Raimondo wanted to make the new dispensaries retail-only.

She was supported by local cultivators who want to sell to the new stores.

House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello and Senate President Dominick Ruggerio had sought to prevent Raimondo from barring the new dispensaries from cultivating marijuana.

Ultimately, however, the lawmakers approved a repeal of the veto power.

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One comment on “Rhode Island governor wins battle over medical cannabis rules
  1. Irp Snerple on

    She did that to deflect the heat off of her husbands medical cannabis connections and the money that could be diverted. Typical political distraction,,, she should just open up the state for legal recreational cannabis ,,, then she’s be doing something good for the state and not her own cronies..
    After many decades of using the prohibition law to arrest individuals, destroy businesses, confiscate property, break apart families and snatch children for the DCYF child trafficking (said to be going on) and all in all taking millions away from what could have been coming into the state if legal…. We are the only state to make patients pay top grow their own medicine… The whole idea of holding the law over our heads to get people to buy a medical license to use and then control where to buy it how much to tax it etc etc is pure extortion…. With all the dangerous deadly drugs people are prescribed being able to purchase with a mere prescription why create such an obstacle to use kaneh-bosm, which has been used safely for thousands of years (maybe longer) and was made illegal by fraudulent means from the beginning… with the lies of Henry Anslinger that labeled it marijuana to fool congress at the time into believing it was a dangerous, deadly narcotic.. Marijuana is NOT Cannabis… when are we going to be honest and tell the truth? Even the way we are heading toward fining those who drive after using cannabis is extortion unless they test for ALL debilitating medications which affect more people than cannabis ever could….. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY…………….. period.

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