Chart: Sales of cannabis products spiked over Mother’s Day, Father’s Day weekends

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Retail data reveals sales spikes in several marijuana categories over Mother’s Day and Father’s Day weekends, highlighting differences in gender-based cannabis gift-giving in states that have legalized adult use.

Data from Seattle-based analytics firm Headset shows that sales increased 35% to 80% in several product segments over Father’s Day and Mother’s Day weekends in California, Colorado, Nevada and Washington state, with different categories spiking across the two holidays.

Total cannabis spending in these four markets was $50 million over Father’s Day weekend, compared with $46 million over Mother’s Day weekend.

The data shows increases in spending across categories relative to the average weekend:

  • For Father’s Day weekend, sales of infused mocktails, resins and cannagars were up 80% collectively, with sales of breath strips and sublingual pouches up 55% compared to the average weekend.
  • For Mother’s Day weekend, infused tea, coffee and hot cocoa sales increased 72% relative to the average weekend, while sales of bath salts, soaks and scrubs were up 35%.

It is not possible from Headset’s point-of-sale data to clearly delineate how much of the spending was devoted to gifts rather than personal spending.

For example, sales of pre-rolls were up over Mother’s Day weekend in both 2018 and 2019.

But, as Headset points out, these pre-rolls could have been purchased by adults needing to unwind after a day with Mom – or mothers buying for themselves as a way to relax after a day with the children.

Still, other data have shown differences in marijuana purchasing and consumption patterns between men and women, both for personal use and as holiday gifts.

separate analysis by Headset found that men generally spend more on flower, vape pens and concentrates than women, while women spend more on edibles, tinctures, sublinguals and topicals.

On Valentine’s Day, women increased their spending on flower while men spent more on other categories.

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