San Diego cracking down on illegal marijuana dispensaries

The city of San Diego has launched a campaign to crack down on illegal medical marijuana dispensaries and is asking residents to purchase MMJ only from licensed shops, a sign that authorities are trying to rein in the local black market.

The “Buy Safe, Buy Legal” campaign was launched Thursday through a partnership of the United Medical Marijuana Coalition (UMMC) and City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, according to

The City Attorney’s office has shut down about 300 unlicensed dispensaries, but some have refused to close. Consequently, the city obtained search warrants for 12 dispensaries that refused to shutter themselves. Nine dispensary owners have been charged and could face jail time, the outlet reported.

San Diego passed medical marijuana regulations in 2014 that capped the number of dispensaries at 36. Fourteen are operating, and six are under construction. Some observers contend the relatively small number of dispensaries have not been able to meet MMJ demand, thus creating a market for illegal dispensaries.

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3 comments on “San Diego cracking down on illegal marijuana dispensaries
  1. Dave Armstrong on

    So let’s look into the crystal ball and let’s say Prop. 64 passes in November. Unlike alcohol which is not limited to how much you can possess and is freely consumed in public as if it’s the American way of life. Cannabis users will be limited to how much they can possess and where they use it! Yes, you can have an ounce on you and yes you can even grow your own if you choose to but consuming cannabis will be restricted to use on private property only! So while there are designated places to smoke tobacco and drinking alcohol there won’t be anywhere for adult consumers to light up unless they own there own home. Tobacco and alcohol kill people everyday and there are designated places smoking tobacco is allowed and millions of bars and restaurants where alcohol and tobacco are enbibed and alcohol is freely used in public places. So where are all of these adults going to go when they want to legally smoke legalized marijuana? Home if they’re lucky enough to own one but millions of us won’t have anywhere to go because we only rent or lease the property in which we reside! You can’t smoke in your car even though you may own that unlike tobacco and you can’t go out to a bar or restaurant and use marijuana while people freely use alcohol and smoke tobacco in designated areas. So the old saying “closet smoker” will become the reality if and when marijuana is legalized by various state laws. If someone can smoke tobacco in a designated area which is proven to kill them why can’t marijuana be smoked there as well when it doesn’t kill anyone? Why can people drink alcohol in bars and in public places which clearly leads to problems but not consume marijuana? This all leads to one conclusion folks, it’s all about money! State and local governments will now cash in on cannabis from A to Z, allowing places to sell it makes them money through taxation me osdmit fees etc, writing citations for possession of more than an ounce and consumption while driving will become common place. This will fill the depleted void state and local government and law enforcement have been missing for many years and will fill the courtrooms, jail and prisons and put criminal lawyers back in business. These NORML lawyers that are supposedly out to protect your rights to use marijuana are actually promoting the opposite or they’d have given us places to smoke cannabis lawfully right? Wake up America and smell what the future will look like before you vote on Prop. 64 otherwise you may just find yourself dealing with the legal ramifications of legalized marijuana when you’ve got nowhere to go to enjoy it!

    Dave Armstrong
    Managing Member of MediMarts
    A Closed-Loop California Collective

    For more info go to “”

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