San Diego Shuts Down 4 More Dispensaries

San Diego is continuing its quest to close down illegal medical marijuana dispensaries.

Four more were forced to shutter this week, the city attorney announced on Thursday, bringing the total closed over the past four years to over 200.

All four were deemed in violation of new zoning restrictions that the city approved earlier this year. The rules are designed to further cut down the number of dispensaries in the city.

San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith said the enforcing the zoning regulations “is necessary to protect neighborhood standards and safety.”

Goldsmith’s office has roughly 45 cases against illegal dispensaries still pending, but she said that around two-thirds of them have already closed.

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3 comments on “San Diego Shuts Down 4 More Dispensaries
  1. SHC on

    So my dispensary was closed down due to zoning restrictions – in Pacific Beach. I am not sure why it is ok to operate tons of bars with outdoor patios on the same street (with many a time obnoxious loud drunk people) but not my quiet dispensary with low traffic and a security guard onsite? This is the 3rd dispensary closed down for me. I would like the City of San Diego to please post the list of legal operations so I can join the appropriate co-op.

  2. Joanie on

    San Diego needs to let patients know where they can go to get their “regulated” cannabis. I hear ya SHC, many patients do not have the ability to navigate outside of their neighborhoods.

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