Southern California county seizes 20 tons of illegal cannabis

Santa Barbara County, California, has the most marijuana cultivation licenses of any county in the state. It also just made a huge bust, with sheriff’s deputies seizing 20 tons of illegal cannabis and destroying 350,000 plants.

That should come as good news to licensed MJ businesses in the county who have seen their bottom lines suffer as illicit operators continued to do business illegally.

According to a news release, the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Cannabis Compliance Team spent four days executing search warrants and seizing illegal product at a 60-acre grow near the town of Buellton.

The raid was the result of a two-month-long investigation, according to the release, and the operation also included the county district attorney’s office, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the California National Guard’s Counterdrug Task Force.

The owner of the property had not been located or contacted as of Saturday, the sheriff’s office said.

No criminal charges have been filed, but the case is ongoing.

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4 comments on “Southern California county seizes 20 tons of illegal cannabis

    This is the same sanctioned armed robbery that we have been fighting for 70 years. The administrative state operates like a Continual Criminal Enterprise. The Marijuana Movement is about Individual Sovereignty and personal freedom. We have changed the political system by Plebiscite, Direct Democracy and will continue with an entire Agenda.

  2. mike on

    another waste of law enforcement resources. instead of dep doing gardening, how about using these resources to clear backlogged rape kit cases and follow up on child abusers. sound more like the us protecting american businesses in central and south america by corrupting the local govs and destroying the local economies. wonder why they want to come here and who ruined their abilities to support their families at home. plus the drug trade and who buys it, hmmm.

  3. Lance Brofman on

    In New York City, the police killed Eric Garner with a choke-hold for selling loose untaxed cigarettes. In 1794 George Washington waged the “whisky war” against untaxed whisky in Pennsylvania and other places. I we want Marijuana legal and regulated like tobacco and alcohol, illegal operations must be stopped.

    • Pat on

      It can’t be done under the current political and socioeconomic climate. The legislature is too corrupt. This whole thing is going to snowball into a very embarrassing moment for the state of ca.

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