Seattle Vows Delivery Services Crackdown

Seattle is moving to heighten enforcement of the state’s recreational marijuana law by targeting illegal delivery services, according to KING News.

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis board has estimated that black market marijuana accounts for about 28% of overall cannabis sales in the state, and much of that is tied to delivery services.

Many delivery services openly advertise in local press outlets. Licensed marijuana stores say that black market sales must be stopped if legalization will be successful, according to KING.

“I’m not free to say all of the enforcement steps that are being engineered now. But Seattle is going to crack down,” said Pete Holmes, the city’s attorney.

What Holmes did say is that city officials will ask the state legislature to approve a pilot program for legal delivery services through licensed marijuana outlets. He also highlighted the benefits of delivery for both the mobility-impaired as well as for public road safety.

Legal marijuana prices in Washington State have plummeted from about $25 per gram when legalization launched in 2014 to a little over $10 per gram today.

At the moment, Washington has 577 producer/processors and 228 retailers that have been licensed by the state.

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One comment on “Seattle Vows Delivery Services Crackdown
  1. Ma Dang on

    Comparing the rec MJ industry with the rec alcohol industry tax rates, the ease of of backyard cultivation, existing blackmarket distribution networks, Uber business model, what else did they think would happen?
    If taxes on the rec alcohol industry were at MJ industry rates there would be a still in every basement, moonshiners would be on everyone’s speed dial and no one would have a moral issues with the ensuing black market that it would bring back.
    It’s not hard to distill and beer / wine making at home with no tax obligation (already on the books) might be a viable alternative for many households and a possible source of secondary income ?

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