Settlement allows Colorado cannabis retail chain to open three MMJ shops in Florida

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The Green Solution, one of Colorado’s largest retail marijuana chains, has received the OK to open three medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida.

That approval did not come without a fight, however.

The Denver-based company’s expansion into the Sunshine State is the result of a settlement approved this week by commissioners in Osceola County.

As part of the settlement, The Green Solution agreed it wouldn’t take any legal action against the county, which is about 50 miles southeast of Orlando.

The county had enacted a moratorium on MMJ dispensaries until state law had been ironed out.

But The Green Solution argued before the commissioners that it had “a vested right” to open because it had received approval before the moratorium.

According to the Orlando Business Journal, changes to Florida state law limited the county’s powers to either ban dispensaries or allow an unlimited number.

The Green Solution, which has 15 retail outlets across Colorado, didn’t specify exactly where its Osceola County locations would be.

But the company wrote in an email to the Business Journal that “it’s currently identifying possible locations for the dispensaries and working with the county to obtain required permits.”