Several NY Hospitals Interested in Cuomo’s MMJ Plan

Hospitals in New York are deciding how to proceed with Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s controversial plan for medical marijuana, which calls for 20 New York hospitals to distribute medical marijuana to patients.

Some health care facilities have already expressed interest.

A representative for The Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA) told the website Capital New York that several hospitals are “exploring the option of providing medical marijuana… but recognize that a number of issues need to be addressed.”

“GNYHA will assess the proposed plan when more details are available,” said spokesman Brian Conway, who added that the GNYHA was not consulted by the governor before he announced his plan.

Northshore-LIJ Health System and the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation have also indicated they want to learn more about the plan, while Roswell Cancer Center in Buffalo is considering the program as well.

Not all hospitals are jumping on the opportunity, however. NYU Langone Medical Center and Sloan-Kettering reportedly said they had not yet discussed whether their respective hospitals would participate in the plan.

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One comment on “Several NY Hospitals Interested in Cuomo’s MMJ Plan
  1. Judee K on

    NOONE SHOULD BE IN PRISON FOR MARIJUANA. AS FORMER R.N. medication nurse/ team leader 7 YEARS in in-patient psychiatric hospitals, I never gave a medication that gave immediate anxiety & pain relief, like marijuana. SAFELY. UNLIKE SIDE EFFECTS LISTED FOR ALL MANMADE MEDICATIONS, IT IS SAFE & EFFECTIVE SUICIDE PREVENTION & PAIN RELIEF. IT’S a popular effective NATURAL DRUG, MADE BY GOD, AS COFFEE also is, BUT NOT A STIMULANT drug like coffee..


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