NAACP Official: Marijuana Industry Lacks Minority Owners

The head of the San Francisco NAACP has publicly backed a black female dispensary license applicant in the city, saying laws that essentially exclude minorities from leadership positions in the cannabis industry need to change.

“I enthusiastically endorse Ms. Tikisha Ong and urge you to support her efforts to bring much-needed African American community representation to the city’s medical cannabis industry,” the NAACP’s Rev. Amos Brown wrote in a letter to city councilors earlier this month, according to San Francisco Weekly.

Brown wrote that blacks have been disproportionately affected by anti-drug laws, adding that African Americans are often not able to break into the cannabis industry because many states with legalized marijuana prohibit people with criminal records from owning or working in a cannabis business.

“We see yet another lucrative industry growing without almost no input from our community — another table we are not invited to sit at,” Brown wrote.

The city planning commission, which has approved only one dispensary since last March, according to the paper, will hear Ong’s proposal in July.

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11 comments on “NAACP Official: Marijuana Industry Lacks Minority Owners
  1. Ed on

    For cryinging out loud! I’m getting tired of hearing this same old routine about race! Reverend, are you implying that all blacks have criminal records? Sure sounds it. Imagine if a white man made these comments!

    Want to get in the industry, don’t have a criminal record. It’s simple really.

    • sj on

      What people don’t realize is the Police have systematically targeted minority communities for easy arrrests of minority youth in these stop and frisk campaigns designed to increase arrests and consequently saddled many youth with small amounts of marijuana as criminals . NYC finally stopped the policy of stop and frisk and there are disproportionate numbers of minorities arrested and the are denied student loans and other rights that every citizen should have in this country
      have a look at the link below

  2. D. Spencer on

    Reverend Brown: We must have the facts in hand across the country before making a public claim. The barriers are not color lines but economics. Take a look at CHIT-otc AA controlled. Oregon, and soon Pennsylvania along with a host of other states are pro active. Look at the pending laws in PA, might be a good national model.

  3. sylvie on

    So what the article is saying is that people with criminal records are excluded? What exactly is the issue with this? It blankets all white and every colored person. “Wrong place wrong time” does not cover every black person charged, wake up. It should depend on the type of record. You have a charge for arms dealing or trafficking drugs then no, you really shouldn’t be allowed to run a cannabis business.

  4. David Clay on

    And who did not know this was coming.” Today it was announced that more white men are bitten by rattle snakes than black men. The NAACP released a statement declaring the bias of rattle snakes and demanded that they bite an equal number of black men.”

  5. AF on

    Of course no mention of the neighborhood in whuch she applied to open her business: a neighborhood bordering San Mateo county that already has 3 MCDs on the one business corridor she wants to open on (all 3 approved by Planning in one night), a neighborhood that lacks basic needs for its many residents, a neighborhood that has vocally opposed the several other MCDs that have proposed to open since.

  6. rastadog on

    No adult should be barred from work of any kind, your past is just a part of history. Most people learn and if they don’t they don’t advance at work or in life. You nay-Sayers would be Law Breaking soon to be criminals mfers if it wasn’t for people like me and my NORML brothers and sisters who petitioned and educated citizens on behalf of patients,adults rights, and the rights grow for food, fuel,jobs, and fiber. Most growers, users, dealers, and patients have been cited for something during this insane War On Drugs, do you people think it is wise to exclude some of the best growers, thinkers, lawyers, and citizens from these business opportunities which we sustained to get it to this point. Someone is smoking moldy schwag dirt weed with stems,sticks,and seeds for anyone to think its okay to exclude anyone, I pray that the IRS, the Feds, the ex cons, and the unemployed confiscate everything you and your families own or ever hope to own. The way some of you think??? Should prop 215 be repealed because NORML members who wrote the proposition had records ? Should the 100,000+ signatures I gathered be invalidated and the Law Repealed ? Please remember that exclusion started this bullshit. Remember the Past,Don’t Repeat It!!!…

  7. rastadog on

    Seth,Claire,and Eds posts are deemed appropriate ?! Please repost my reply. It is about business,hemp, helping every man prosper. BP committed a crime yet they are allowed more rigs in the gulf. I want to grow hemp for seed oil fuel, food, medicine, and cellulose fiber for biodegradable plastics, what does a person’s record have to do with it. The writers of proposition 215 put no exclusions in the document because freedom is the essence of the matter, if you do not wish to support,hire,invest, or purchase goods from someone or a company with a record you are free to do so. I don’t buy anything from BP…

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