Slew of restrictive medical cannabis bills proposed in Arizona

A proposed law in Arizona would make publishing the incorrect address of a cannabis dispensary a felony.

According to the Phoenix New Times, three “prohibitionist” Arizona lawmakers are trying out new ideas to stymie the state’s medical marijuana program and prevent a recreational program from becoming a reality.

The proposed bills also would:

  • Prohibit dispensaries from acquiring, possessing, manufacturing or selling a cannabis product that’s packaged or labeled in a manner attractive to minors.
  • Charge doctors who give medical marijuana cards to ineligible people with felonies.
  • Allow prosecutors to decide if parolees can obtain MMJ.
  • Authorize the health department to use $40 million from the marijuana-tax coffers to enforce MMJ laws.
  • Require the health department to develop programs warning of the danger of secondhand smoke.

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2 comments on “Slew of restrictive medical cannabis bills proposed in Arizona
  1. Charles T Pair on

    As a native Arizonan I am disgusted by the idiocy displayed by the mental midgets in our state legislature who are promoting these mindless restrictive measures. These morons need to grow up and educate themselves instead of acting like pathetic control freaks who bring shame to our state.

  2. StrongerDrugFree on

    There’s a real reason there is no such thing as a prescription for “medical marijuana”. But, then, not all people respect the rule of law, do they? Instead of working to actually change law, they work to supplant and create their own set of rules. So detrimental to our society, regardless of which side of the issue one falls. Try working with folks in addiction, ones trying to establish their own recovery journey, or even the children and youth in our communities. Find out what’s really going on, and what so many of them have to say and why. You just might be surprised, maybe even re-evaluate your own motives – if you dare. Just saying.

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