SLIDESHOW: Keep your marijuana business afloat during a crisis

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As state regulators change the rules about marijuana sales in response to the coronavirus, consumers increasingly are moving toward online and delivery services. Cannabis retailers reported a steady increase in online orders even before the outbreak and associated safety measures. Staff writer Margaret Jackson spoke with companies that offer online sales about what consumers are looking for when it comes to placing marijuana cannabis orders online.
In almost every state that has legalized marijuana production, wholesale prices have fallen before eventually finding equilibrium. Such lean times mean veteran growers have a large bank of tips to keep costs down in the cultivation room. Reporter Bart Schaneman spoke with marijuana companies across the country to get their thoughts about keeping costs down.
Just as marijuana cultivators have honed their practices to grow high-quality flower as inexpensively as possible, extractors have a handful of tricks to produce products in a cost-efficient manner. As part of the Best Practices in Extraction Series, Bart Schaneman learned how savings start with facility design and extend through the packaging process. Find out what he learned.
North American marijuana companies have been forced to let hundreds of workers go since summer 2019. Senior Reporter John Schroyer spoke with cannabis executives about how to avoid layoffs and came up with six things to consider before deciding to cut staff. Learn more here.
Sometimes bankruptcy protection is the best option to stop the bleeding at a company that finds itself underwater. But since marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, most cannabis companies are not eligible to file for bankruptcy. Reporter Jeff Smith spoke with legal professionals to learn what options are available to marijuana companies in financial trouble.

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