Repeal of smokable medical cannabis ban clears Florida Senate

Florida currently prohibits smokable medical marijuana products – which poses a significant drag on the state’s MMJ businesses’ sales potentials.

So, many of those firms are welcoming news that the state Senate overwhelmingly passed a bill that would allow patients to use smokable forms of medical cannabis.

The state House will vote on its version of the bill next week.

The Senate bill places several conditions on smokable medical marijuana:

  • It would not be available to anyone younger than 18 unless the patient is terminally ill and two doctors, one of whom must be a pediatrician, say it is the most effective form of treatment.
  • It could not be smoked in public or at private businesses subject to the state’s cigarette smoking ban.
  • Private property owners would have the right to prohibit it.
  • The bill would limit supply to 4 ounces in a 35-day period and requires research into the effectiveness of medical marijuana.

– Associated Press

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2 comments on “Repeal of smokable medical cannabis ban clears Florida Senate
  1. scott morris on

    Pretty late in the game for effectiveness studies. I have conditions which would fall into the catch all categories but I’m passing until we get some science involved.

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