Some California marijuana companies hurting from July 1 transition

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The changeover to selling only lab-tested cannabis products and those with proper packaging has created hard times for some California retailers in early July, with a lack of compliant marijuana leaving a good number of shelves empty.

The owner of All About Wellness in Sacramento told TV station KCRA he’s down about 60%-75% “of what we would normally have (on shelves) – but every day, it’s increasing.”

The shop owner, Philip Blurton, said there’s a backlog of products waiting to be tested and approved by licensed labs.

Another Sacramento retailer, Delta Health & Wellness, told KCRA there also was some customer backlash over inventory changes to new and compliant products, while many older, noncompliant product lines had to be phased out last month.

But what that’s led to, observed Blurton, is uniformity among retailers that all now carry the same compliant products.

“One of the things they’ve taken away from us is individuality,” Blurton said. “Now, every dispensary has the same product.”

In other words, there’s less room for individuality because there are so few companies that meet the threshold for legal MJ products to be sold in stores. That has led to a more cookie-cutter version of the cannabis industry – at least for now.