Social Media, App Sites Take Hard Line Against Cannabis Businesses

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Fearing legal repercussions if their users break the law, Instagram and Apple’s App Store are reportedly cracking down on businesses promoting marijuana-related products or services.

Some dispensaries, retail stores and infused products companies have reported that their accounts were suspended or shut down without explanation, according to Buzzfeed.

Even an app that allows users to share photos or videos of marijuana-related activities was shut down by the App Store, which cited a clause saying apps need to follow local laws where they are used.

The app designer, MassRoots, said it would create a solution to allow only users in states where medical or recreational cannabis is legal. But Apple declined and removed it from the company’s app site.

Lawyers have differing views on the subject. A Washington cannabis lawyer told Buzzfeed that the social media companies are being overly cautious, but a tech lawyer said it’s wise for them to protect themselves against any potential liability.