Some leeway on marijuana permit renewals for California temporary licensees

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California regulators are giving licensed marijuana businesses more flexibility this summer when it comes to getting all their requisite paperwork in.

According to The Orange County Register, regulators are extending temporary marijuana business licenses and weighing the extension of a 90-day grace period to give licensees more time to comply with state regulations.

Roughly 600 temporary state permits issued to plant-touching businesses were set to expire May 1, and thousands more were scheduled to be up for renewal by the start of June, the Register reported. No full annual permits have yet been issued.

To give companies a bit more leeway, “regulators are extending provisional permits for another 90 days,” the Register reported.

Temporary permits, which are good for 120 days at a time, were available on a rolling basis starting Jan. 1. That means the earliest temporary licenses will expire is May 1, while some may be good until later this summer, depending on when they were issued.

Still, if companies don’t get their full annual permit applications turned in before their temporary licenses expire, they’ll have to cease operations temporarily until they get their paperwork in order, the Register reported.