South Dakota AG defends under-fire recreational marijuana measure

The attorney general of South Dakota is asking a judge to dismiss a lawsuit from two state law enforcement officers that challenges an adult-use marijuana legalization measure passed by voters.

South Dakota voters passed measures legalizing both medical and adult-use marijuana in the November election.

But a lawsuit filed later that month by Pennington County Sheriff Kevin Thom and South Dakota Highway Patrol Superintendent Rick Miller took aim at the constitutionality of the adult-use amendment. The lawsuit is supported by Gov. Kristi Noem, who has opposed marijuana legalization.

Thom and Miller argue that the adult-use ballot measure, Constitutional Amendment A, is effectively a revision of the South Dakota Constitution and should have required a state convention to be placed on the ballot.

They also allege the ballot measure wrongly dealt with more than one subject, a violation of the state constitution.

In a response filed in court, the state attorney general’s office argued against the plaintiffs’ case and asked a judge to dismiss the case with prejudice, Sioux Falls Argus Reader reported.

The state judge hearing the case has also granted two pro-legalization groups permission to intervene in the case, the newspaper reported, adding that all parties now have until Jan. 8 to file motions and briefs in the case.

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3 comments on “South Dakota AG defends under-fire recreational marijuana measure
  1. Ernest L Agee on

    Just another that the lawmakers are trying to no do the will of the people. The government supposed to be for the people and do the will of the people. By them trying to stop the will of the people they should be vote our of office when they have to run again.

  2. Louis Romero on

    I believe the pricing on the pot should be more affordable for regular suffering chronic painful peoples. That really need the help arcoss all 50 states enough of these big names making all the wealth on the industry that don’t care for the regular layman and women. For that matter keep it @the illegal market.

    • James R Clark on

      Marijuana’s packaging needs ideal design(s). Propose marijuana consumption with a eat(smoke), sleep(smoke), drink(smoke) mentality. An obsession for euphoric effects is acceptable if it can be achieved regularly. Don’t use the “Indian head”, “slaves”, “Washington DC”, or “Rhode Island” as symbols to sell your product…save those for when all drugs are decriminalized and cheap. I’d buy THC infusion, magic mushrooms and cocaine with (sugar free) dollars if I could get each in a small fruit roll up. Then just buy crystal meth separate.

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