Southern California cannabis growers sued over odors

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Multiple marijuana growers in Southern California have been sued by residents of a city in south Santa Barbara County that charge smells from greenhouses led to health issue.

The growers need to seal their greenhouses and use “carbon-based filtration methods,” according to the lawsuit filed by residents of Carpinteria, a small seaside community.

The plaintiffs allege in the suit that vapor-phase systems used by the greenhouses to deal with odors caused eye irritations and makes allergies and asthma worse, KEYT-TV reported.

One of the plaintiffs said the marijuana smell scares away prospective buyers for his house, which has been on the market over the past two years.

The residents are not seeking money from the growers.

Rather, they would probably dismiss or settle the action if the growers replace their filtration system and the mitigated the odors, according to the complaint.

The growers did not have an immediate response to KEYT-TV, as they had not yet seen the suit as of Thursday night.

Odors from marijuana cultivation facilities have been a growing problem nationwide, leading to a number of municipalities and MJ businesses to take actions to address the problem.

Associated Press