Study: Cannabis dispensaries not properly training workers

A new study shows that cannabis dispensaries are not properly training workers, and staff members had doled out incorrect advice to medical marijuana patients.

Researchers found that only 55% of the 55 dispensary workers they surveyed received any kind of formal training for their jobs, according to LiveScience. And only 20% had been trained on the health benefits of cannabis.

The study surveyed workers in Colorado, California, Arizona, Oregon, the District of Columbia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Maine. The researchers included both medical and nonmedical dispensary staffers.

The researchers found that some recommendations were wrong or inappropriate for treating medical conditions, including 13% of workers who were recommending high-THC cannabis strains to treat anxiety. Another 7% were recommending THC, instead of CBD, to treat epilepsy.

Study author Nancy Haug, a professor of addiction medicine at Palo Alto University in California, said the findings underscore that dispensaries need to train their staff member, according to LiveScience. She added the training should be based on current scientific literature involving marijuana.

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5 comments on “Study: Cannabis dispensaries not properly training workers
  1. Deborah Franz on

    Looking forward to receiving more information. Would love to invest in the cannabis field.Im a patient in Illinois and the closest dispensary is 1 1/2 hours away. I really feel like I should do something to invest in my health and help others to do the same. Thank You for your time

  2. Corinne Malanca on

    We at United Patients Group have been offering education, nationally and internationally, to medical professionals as well as dispensary workers for 5 years. So far, we have not seen any interest from dispensaries or dispensary workers. We are a 501c3 – our next symposium is in Sacramento at Cal Northstate University School of Medicine –

  3. Frank on

    Most Bud Tenders are millenials with no knowledge of the plant or the strains they are selling,let alone the medical benefits of the plant. I’m an old guy with 46 years of growing for Crohn’s disease and I am legal with my medical card. I would love to work at a dispensary to supplement my SS,but all they hire are the kids.

  4. Karen Freese on

    Unfortunately, cost of training for dispensaries is not a deductible expense under IRS 280e, to my knowledge. Owners’ margins are already pinched in an effort to be compliant, so it falls to those who value accurate information over revenues, to provide training. It’s also critical for vendors to train dispensary staff on their products, which are developed with specific conditions in mind. Bud tenders are low wage jobs as entry level positions in most dispensaries. The industry needs to place greater emphasis on frontline staff education, including requiring training as a point of regulatory compliance, as Illinois has done.

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