Medical cannabis study: Fewer licensees needed to meet potential low MO demand

Missouri will need only 24 to 29 medical marijuana cultivators and 114 to 132 dispensaries to meet patient demand, which a new study predicts will fall far below expectations.

Only 26,000 qualifying patients will exist in Missouri by 2022, predicted an economic study conducted by the University of Missouri. The Springfield News-Leader reported the study.

That’s a far cry from the 200,000 patients that backers of the state’s medical marijuana law anticipated last year.

Despite potential for low demand, the state’s Department of Health and Senior Services plans to award the minimum number of licenses required by law:

  • 192 dispensaries
  • 60 cultivation sites
  • 86 infused product manufacturers
  • Two testing laboratories

To read more about the study, click here.

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6 comments on “Medical cannabis study: Fewer licensees needed to meet potential low MO demand

    The Administrative state is preventing the herb business from healing the people and the economy. Fake religious leaders are still preaching ‘Reefer Madness’, the stand in for the Slavers since the Civil War.

  2. ian r humphry on

    i think it will be higher than the low end suggested here. also a lot will depend on the doctors available or willing to make the recommendation, with corporate medicine these days, the doctors are at the direction of there employer, be it ssm or barnes jewish, etc. or if there will be doctors available separately to issue med cards like they do in other states. Or here’s a thought. just go full rec and business will boom.

  3. Lee on

    It will all depend on the prices. If they price the patients out as they have in Ohio, they may only have 20,000 patients. But, if the prices are right more people will get their MMJ cards and you could potentially see 200,000 patients.

  4. Pamela Weir on

    At least they are allowing them it’s a start. This industry in the US is really governered by a state and local level. Perceptions and biases change overtime. MMJ is now legal in 30 states and Recreational in 9 It comes down to voting in the right law makers in your state and area

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