Survey: Minnesota MMJ Companies Satisfying Customers

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A solid 90% of medical marijuana patients in Minnesota said they’ve received “some benefit” from the MMJ they’ve purchased from the state’s two licensed producers, suggesting that the cannabis industry is meeting customers’ needs.

The figure comes from a survey of 435 MMJ patients by the state’s health department, City Pages reported.

Of the 90% that reported a positive experience, 24% said they’d had “mild to moderate” improvement in their medical condition, while 66% said they’d experienced a “significant” improvement by using cannabis.

More than 80% of HIV/AIDS patients reported a “great deal of benefit” from MMJ, while 55% of cancer patients gave cannabis a “perfect score,” City Pages reported. Just 10% of patients experienced “little to no change” regarding their medical ailment.

The biggest downside of the state’s MMJ industry for patients? The cost: 55% of patients said medical marijuana is prohibitively expensive. Patients spend, on average, $250 a month for MMJ, with some spending as much as $500 a month.

The take-away: If Minnesota’s two licensed medical cannabis companies can work to bring prices down, they will likely bring more patients into the fold.