Survey Reveals Cannabis Use by State

Rhode Island may be the smallest state in the nation, but it also provides entrepreneurs in the recreational marijuana space with the highest percentage of cannabis users by population.

The state ranks tops in the nation in marijuana usage, with nearly 13% of residents 12 and older saying they consumed cannabis within the past month, according to data in the most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

That’s much higher than the national rate of just over 7%.

Other states at the top include Alaska, Vermont and Oregon, where usage is above 12%. Kansas and Louisiana are at the bottom of the scale, with less than 5% of respondents reporting they have used cannabis in the past month.

, Survey Reveals Cannabis Use by StateUnsurprisingly, the survey reveals that 18- to 25-year-olds are the heaviest users of marijuana nationally. There’s a steep dropoff in cannabis use as college grads enter the workforce, where testing positive for marijuana is still a deal-killer for most employers.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration – an agency of the federal health department – conducts the survey annually. The latest report includes responses from 70,000 individuals.

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5 comments on “Survey Reveals Cannabis Use by State
  1. The Masked Ranger on

    In Louisiana you have the lowest rate of reported use of marijuana because people are scared to tell the truth. If you get busted 3 times here they put you in jail with real true killers, rapist, and crazy people that belong in a mental hospital instead of a jail cell. There are a lot of people that smoke here, they just can’t admit to it. New Orleans is one of the main ports that drugs are brought into this country from. You see how all the politicians vote from here on marijuana. It is a shame, oil companies, big Pharma, booze companies, they all contribute major money to the crooks that are in office to keep marijuana illegal here. Look at Louisiana history, the ex mayor of New Orleans just got sentenced to jail for all of the Hurricane Katrina fraud. I don’t think you are allowed in office here unless you are a crook of some kind, at the very least you have to be an adulterer caught on tape, and you still get to keep your job and slam marijuana like it is wrong to use, look at Vance McAlister, David Vitter,etc. on and on. Edwin Edwards, need I say more.

  2. Vape Critic on

    You’d be surprised how many people over 25 like to partake, I think they’re just less likely to say they do on a survey.

    As you mature past your 20’s things come up in life that can make you reluctant to disclose your habits.

  3. Dee on

    Ah yes more %’s of numbers they don’t have a clue about to base anything off of in quantifying usage. If the question was how often do you cheat on your taxes I wonder what states would have the highest numbers? Think people tell the truth about illegal things? Sure they do 😉

  4. old stonner 1 on

    I live in TN. and cant wait for marijuana to legalized for medical and rec. use I started smoking cannabis when I was 8 or 9 and it has never hurt me or anyone I know who smoke it .Take alcohol and pham. med that get you hooked on them .When marijuana could do a lot of good for the sick as well as the state on taxes for schools,roads and so much more .Look at all they people get killed while driving drunk and OD on phar. med .I wish our gov. would look at from my stand point any a lot of other people as well .Legalize Marijuana here in TN.It can help so much of the state in whole like the lottery did .After the government finely figured it out with the tax’s the got from it .Legalize marijuana would be just like it .

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