Tacoma to Shut Down Majority of its 60+ Dispensaries

Dispensaries in Tacoma, Washington, will receive letters from the city this month ordering them to close within 45 days, though a handful that meet specific criteria may be allowed to continue operating at least for awhile.

The Tacoma City Council made the decision this week to shut down most of the area’s 60-plus unregulated dispensaries, with officials expressing concern about the proliferation of such businesses, according to the News Tribune.

The council previously planned to crack down on dispensaries but delayed action against them to see how the state would decide to handle medical marijuana businesses now that recreational cannabis is legal. The state ended up passing a bill in April that effectively will kill Washington’s MMJ program by rolling it into its heavily regulated recreational market.

Under that law, dispensaries and collective gardens will be required to get licenses from the state by July 1, 2016, or shut their doors.

Tacoma’s council will consider allowing some dispensaries to remain open, but only those that launched before 2013, have had a continuous business license since last summer and have paid their state taxes and fees regularly. Those dispensaries might be able to continue operating until the state decides which MMJ businesses will receive licenses under the rec program.

Mayor Marilyn Strickland said that at a minimum, 48 of the city’s dispensaries need to close permanently.

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5 comments on “Tacoma to Shut Down Majority of its 60+ Dispensaries
  1. Jane Dunn on

    What is this crap with shutting down only some Dispenseries?.?? Either close ALL or NONE!!! What really sucks is those of us who live in Yakima County where there is a ban on Rec MJ but they ALLOW a MMJ dispensery in the county. These people ever charge tax and they pay none. So those of us who want to grow legally are told no while they allow an illegal operation that is growing and selling crap weed.

  2. numbnuts on

    Time to real in folks.
    Fading out quietly this year will embolden your chances for the new year. next year you will come back stronger than ever before.
    Get ready to get regulated, registered and follow the rules.
    Team up with good people a form a more solid relationship.
    We are stronger when we stick together.

    • calicorock on

      The whole Washington experiment will be over in less than a year. The Republican State Senate knuckle draggers saw to this happening. They’ve been trying to destroy Washington’s MMJ law and program since voters passed it in 1998. I’ll never work nor but at match stick from a 502 rec. store. Black-market thrives. The State senate guarnteed it happening in hopes the Fed’s will intervene. Washington State has the stupidest politicians in America and that;s saying quite a lot

  3. numbnuts on

    y’all are a bunch of ignorant numbskulls. READ THE NEW RULES!
    new MMJ collectives will have their chance to apply for license in Jan 2016

    medical research lisences will be allowed if you think you have what it takes to help change the world and not just your own local click!

    come on people think of the rest of humanity and not you own small petty self agenda.

    y’all are a bunch of lazy farmers and your fear of the department of agriculture and deparment of health to regulate your crap weed will be your own undoing.

    this is america! move or get out of the way.
    and if you dont like it…. well then you can pack your shit up and get the hell out and move back to your la la land where ever you came from.

    Farmers rule amaerica not the politicians!

    be a real american farmer and get ready to get regulated just like the rest of us.

    educate yourself, the rules are posted now. time to read stoners!!

    • calicorock on

      Voting for the right people would help more than your calls to get used to B.S. regulation or move. Why don’t you move BUCKO!

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